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Practice Positive Thinking


Treasures In The Garden


Get a happiness fix.……  

Being a success:

 is liking yourself,

liking what you do,

liking how you do it. 

…….hang out with a happy person. 16 more words

The situation when you’re not sure, where you stand in someone’s life

She has realized she loves him. Yes, it’s love. More than liking, attraction or a simple crush… He’s her best friend, a very special friend she owns. 732 more words

May I Ask a Blogging Question about Following?

 Although I’ve been blogging since 2011, I still haven’t got my head around the whole Following business and would very much welcome your suggestions about ‘best practice.’ 254 more words


More Than

Its more than just liking you,
Its about hoping theres more to you.
The feelings evolving quickly
Like a snowball,
Every second the feelings get heavier… 149 more words

I want to be with you only!

He is on my mind all the time, when I’m not with him i want to be, I want to talk to him all the time, and I can’t get the image of him sleeping out of my head because it was possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen… 79 more words


The branded people
Showed off their corporate symbols
Liking everything


The Conversation of Your Life

Did I, or did I not promise a second post today? Here I am, doing what I said I would for, probably, the first time. Well, it’s been a  couple of hours, and I came up with something not school-related. 1,028 more words

To Teens