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Another Day, Another Lil' B Record- "Scouts Report"

Sticking to his basketball theme for his upcoming mixtape Hoop Life, “Scouts Report” consists of the Based God rapping about basketball and just his everyday life. 22 more words


Lil B The Based God Scouting Report

A couple weeks a go the based god gave us a taste of to his upcoming mixtape Hoop Life with a diss record “Fuck KD”.  Lil B continues to bless us with even more music with “Scout’s Report”.


If you don’t know who Lil B is, you need to get #based. Because Lil B the Based God is not only a lyrical genius, but he’s also one of the most positive public figures in the music industry that we’ve ever seen. 353 more words

If I Blast It...Its Gon Be A Good day

Samples from 2pac’s “Changes”, “Is life worth livin’ should I blast myself?” loops on the chorus on Lil B’s new track “Good Day”. The Based God teaching us not to give up on life, not to loose hope, as well as throwing out basketball references hyping up his upcoming mixtape “Hoop Life”.


Lil B - Gotta Make The NBA: Most Inspiring Rap Song of 2014 (So Far)

Lil B has been on a mission to make his NBA dreams come true since his tryouts with the Golden State Warriors in 2012. He continues to chronicle his journey with the release of his latest song & video, “Gotta Make the NBA”. 68 more words


Lil' B- "Gotta Make The NBA" (Official Video)

Lil’ B continues to push his upcoming Hoop Life mixtape with a brand new video. “Gotta Make The NBA” is all about Lil’ B’s struggle to make it to the L. 16 more words