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SVU Thriller, Dead Before Dawn: Life Imitates Art

Summary: This book is surprisingly awesome.

Bruce and Jessica have been taking a screenwriting class from an actual Oscar-winning screenwriter, Dennis Gordon. Bruce is really into screenwriting, and thinks the screenplay he’s written, … 1,770 more words


SVT #22, Out of Place: Ginny the Slack-Jawed Yokel

Summary: This is basically your standard there’s-a-new-kid-in-Sweet-Valley-and-no-one-likes-her book. Ginny Lu Culpepper hails from Stony Gap, Tennessee, and has come to live with her aunt, Ms. Waldron, who’s a teacher at SVMS. 905 more words


SVT #21, Left Behind: Home Alone

Summary: The Rapture happens, but only Elizabeth gets to go to Heaven, because she’s the only truly pure person in Sweet Valley. Wait, wrong Left Behind… 1,214 more words