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SVT #12, Keeping Secrets: Thithigis Bithigook IthigIs Stithigupithigd

Summary: Just so you know, I hate everyone in this book except Elizabeth.

Ned takes the twins out to dinner to tell them some super-big secret they’re not allowed to tell anyone. 824 more words


SVU #20, Here Comes the Bride: How Is Mike the Most Mature Person Here?

Summary: At the end of Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams, Billie asked Steven for some time apart, so now they’ve broken up. He’s living with Mike and studying at the feet of Mr. 1,900 more words


SVU #19, Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams: I Donut Think This Is a Good Idea

Summary: When we last heard from our charming Sweet Valley friends, Billie was pregnant and Steven was making plans for their future. He wants them to get married, start their family a little ahead of schedule, and try to figure out how they can still become lawyers. 1,808 more words


SVH #103: Operation Love Match

Estimated Elapsed Time: 1 week


Liz and Jess are still committed to helping Bruce get his parents back together.  They have several meetings where literally nothing is accomplished.   914 more words

Sweet Valley High

SVT #10, One of the Gang: I Don't Think These People Know What a Disability Is

Summary: Steven thinks he has ESP, or at least has been telling people he does, and the twins are fed up. First they pretend that he really is psychic, then plan to scare him by telling him that some people with ESP see spirits. 719 more words


SVU #18, Billie's Secret: Sorry You Have to Think About Steven's Sex Life Now

Summary: Billie (remember her?) has started playing the guitar, and has proven to be very talented. She enjoys it so much that she’s considering changing her major to music. 1,261 more words