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Week 43

Random Life Snippets

  • Confession: I’ve been listening to Christmas music all week. Also I always want mint cocoa…?
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chapter seven: in-between reality and dreamland

The Adventures of Lilly
Book Two – A China Escape

Immediately Lilly set to work unpacking her suitcase. Emmy helped her while “ooohing” and “aaahing” at several items. 901 more words


chapter six: echo and emmy

The Adventures of Lilly
Book Two – A China Escape

The apartment complex was large, and thankfully its interior was much warmer and more inviting than its rigid and uninspiring exterior which rose so high into the smog-filled sky that Lilly could not make out where it stopped. 1,733 more words


chapter five: beijing

The Adventures of Lilly
Book Two – A China Escape

“Lilly! Lilly! Wake up!” Mr. Hill called shaking her gently. 990 more words

The Adventures Of Lilly

Fairy Garden Friday:

Yes!!  It’s time again for FAIRY GARDEN FRIDAY! Enjoy!

Today’s Fairy Garden Featured Flower is the Tiger Lilly.

A gorgeous addition to anyone’s garden that blooms in late spring timeframe.

Patrick Jones


Lillies on ends of rifles

Held by American Disciples

Shooting quickly with their eyes closed

They are their only rivals

Even went to the same high school… 110 more words


Drama Queen

“You say you hate drama queens like your friends

But girl, you’re the one with the crown on your head”

From “Leh” by IISuperwomanII (youtube celebrity) 10 more words