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Music: My Tastes

Saturdays are gonna be all about music, highlighting a artist, album or genres that takes my interest each week. It might be something new, it might be something old, but new to me, or it might just be me promoting some of my old favourites. 362 more words

Quick Like A...

I was going to say sloth, but upon looking for some witty and cute sloth memes all I came across was rape memes? WTF. SERIOUSLY, … 48 more words


"My Girls Rock Chanel and Smoke Mad Marijuana": A Girl-Stoner 4/20 Playlist

Friends, the holiday weekend is upon us. By that I mean Easter, sure, but also 4/20 — a silly, unnecessary occasion that tends to attract and evoke the very stupidest, most cliché elements of stoner culture. 663 more words


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[caption id="attachment_1395" align="aligncenter" width="610"]a screen grab from Nowhere, my favorite gay stoner movie. a screen grab from Nowhere, my favorite gay stoner movie.[/caption] Stoners can be cute, but whenever they get too bro I find myself wondering why we have to always listen to Bob Dylan or Drake/Lil Wayne instrumentals when we hang out. It's funny though: both me and Judy Berman had the same frame of mind. Thus, this is a piggyback on her Flavorwire post. Instead of posting mine seperatly, I'm dropping all of my picks into this existing playlist. I  just had to show you this article. Judy Berman's writing is witty and her playlist choices are profound. From the original Queen B Lil Kim to feminist stoner punk band Tacotcat to even Lady Gaga (what kind of weed is she smoking) these songs are sublime.  Mine picks tend to stay from the stoner subject matter that bounds Judy Berman's playlist together, and is simply a tried and true mix I've used to satisfy my stoned friends at parties. The resulting combination goes from high to low energey but is all totally #wavvey.  I'll talk about my additions and then let you get into the Flavorwire pics after the new and improved playlist.

Superluv(Yaesayer)-Charli XCX

Basically Charli XCX makes cheerleader music for hipster girls. This remix takes the original song's Bow Wow Wow-biting sound and fuses it with Yaesayer's psychedelia. "You're my favorite drug, I smoke you in the club" she coos right before the Bagpipe-Synth drop happens. Trust me you want this.

Green Mile-SZA

I've been on the SZA train since her last mixtape, and have been casually listing to her new album Z (review is otw). I new she was a stoner ever before I saw the song "Green Mile" thanks to her glorious sound she calls "glitter-trap". Can I just live with her? I guess I'll have to figure out how to pronounce her name first ( just Googled it. "Siz-uh").

Air Balloon- Lily Allen

It's so apparent Lily is talking about drugs she sings "now we're so high it can't rain" and breaking out into shouts that would make M.I.A. proud. Good to know the mother of two hasn't stopped toking in her later years.

Fireflies-Owl City

This is the "I am the Walrus" of my highschool days, and am convinced that the reason this isn't a stoner classic is that it's not serious enough to fit into high brow (straight, male,) standards of what makes good music. Pop music is totally deserving of a place in the canon, so just soak up the Emo Postal Service referencing vibes.


The manic pixie dream girl of pitchfork, Grimes' song Oblivion doesn't explicitly reference the ganja, but it's title is what all the Mary-Jane lover's are all about right?  Whatever.

Boom- Le1f

When I first heard Le1f's hook "Jiggy Gully, puff puff pass. Smoke real slow, drive real fast" I was transported into gay stoner paradise. A song that will get the most stoned introvert off the couch and start gyrating.

Losing You- Solange

The production of this mergers stoner-slump with a skipping beat that makes me wish I could shimmy my shoulders. I kinda think Solange smoked Beyonce out and that's why her new album is so good. [spotify id="spotify:user:1210679826:playlist:1wd0qIfSynklbyLPRmJRun" width="300" height="380" /]


Hi all,

My name is Charli May, I am a 19 year old photography student from England. I have decided to document the ins and outs of my life from my photography to the books I read to the music I am listening too.  161 more words


Lily Allen and her 'Sheezus'

I am wayyy excited that Lily Allen, Yes that’s Lily (the best British pop singer) Allen has decided to release a new album entitled “Sheezus”. This can be considered a mockery of Kanye’s Yeezus album, but hey isnt that why we love her so much. 115 more words

Somewhere Only We Know - Lily Allen #ELSEWHERE #Borrowed

Yes, it’s cheesy. But you love it too!

ARTIST: Lily Allen



Dedicatória | Lily Allen diz que "Sheezus" é para Amy Winehouse

A cantora britânica Lily Allen, que tem feito muita polêmica com suas declarações e as músicas de seu novo álbum de estúdio, “Sheezus”, disse que o trabalho é para Amy Winehouse: 141 more words

Amy Winehouse