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Obama Eyes Equal Pay For Women Amid Election-Year Push

President Barack Obama moved Tuesday to close the pay gap between male and female federal contract employees who do the same job, his latest play on the issue ahead of the midterm elections. 475 more words

Congress: Impeach the majority of U.S. Supreme Court Justices. NOW.

Money – throughout recorded history – has been an impediment to free speech, and therefore cannot be free speech.

Requiring clairvoyance of Lily Ledbetter was outrageous. 64 more words

Women can't win when it comes to negotiation

Equal pay has become a hot issue in the Texas gubernatorial race, and Republicans are making fools of themselves. It started out bizarrely with the head of a Republican SuperPac saying women are… 480 more words


Martha McSally Wants to Go to Washington to Do... Nothing?

“Warrior woman”, anti-feminist, and perpetual political candidate Martha McSally wants me to “like” her Facebook page. The only reason someone like me might considering “liking” McSally’s page is to keep tabs on what the stealth… 296 more words