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only the lilies know

Photo Credits: Kylli Sparre

I dream of water

my yellow dress

wraps round me

a second

watery skin

my yellow hair

floats round my head… 45 more words

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~ Reflection ~


Time for reflection.

Starry-eyed gaze toward cloud nine.

While, Lilly-pad drifts.

Haiku by: Laura Scott – January 2015

Take care & Happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~ <3… 10 more words


Writing prompt: Lily pad (90 seconds)

Floating effortlessly, but not freely. Suspended on the surface. It’s funny how this plant wouldn’t be nearly as lovely outside of the water. But in water it serves a purpose. 13 more words

Writing Excercises

Response to "Nature Chills Challenge"

Posting this response to A Momma’s View Challenge “Nature Chills”

My whole life, I have hungered for the outdoors. It has always calmed and fulfilled me.   285 more words


Brazos Bend State Park

A small, local state park that is teaming with wildlife.

A New Generation

Hunting Reflection

Lotus Bloom

Water beads on Lilypad