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Neither here, nor there: Advice for surviving in limbo

Limbo? You know, the space between heaven and hell? Hell being undergrad and heaven being full-time employment. Yeah, semi-permanent resident here (73 days and counting), and it has the be one of the most trying times of life. 662 more words

How I Feel About This.

Standing still

I’ve read some fab posts lately and I know I can relate to them all.

It’s the weirdest thing about this post – infidelity party we find ourselves at. 220 more words



Every day has that bitter taste of limbo – and, no, not the taste of a metal rod in your mouth after you slip on some pineapple at another one of those Hawaiian-themed parties. 1,224 more words




Githzerai are extraplanar humanoid creatures that reside on the Plane of Limbo. Githzerai are descended from the same race of ancient illithid thralls as their cousins, the githyanki. 578 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

Being Here Now

I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday.

I walked with Fiona to the park near our new house and spent a long time pushing her on the swings and getting stuck in crawl spaces of play structures that are clearly not designed for adults. 743 more words


LIMBO: Atmosphere to Haunt your Dreams

Now get this – I am 4 years late on this one. Bear with me though, because this is one game that is worth your time if you missed out on the original fan fare. 671 more words

Indie Gaming