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Madara's Limbo! Obito's Eyes - Naruto 674

Naruto 674 gets underway to show that both Naruto and Sasuke are on par with Madara’s Limbo technique, to which they try their best in order to trap him however Madara gets impatient taking Kakashi’s left Sharingan and going for Obito before Sakura can crush it for him. 810 more words

Daily Anime Art

It ain’t all Angry Birds: How I learned to stop ignoring and love the App Store

Chances are you have a smart phone, or a tablet. Maybe both. And chances are that you’ve looked at the app stores and can’t really find anything that stands out, or there’s so much that you haven’t a clue where to start. 685 more words

Video Games

LIMBO, a creepy environmental puzzle adventure

Playdead‘s ‘LIMBO‘ stimulates the mind, is a creepy as hell, and has a sadistic sense of humour.  The game is a side-scrolling platformer in which the player solves puzzles in order to progress.   553 more words


A prolonged contract

I got an offer for another three months. Officially 12 hours, realistically how many hours they need me. I don’t really want to, but I know this is the best option right now. 13 more words



The unknown isn’t scary to me, it just really bugs the hell out of me. Having three weeks of school left and getting ready to plan my last year as an undergrad I have to admit I’m totally lost. 259 more words


I haven’t updated for a while because I’m in a strange period where I’ve done everything I can do and the book is now out of my hands.   284 more words



This little bit of limbo I’m in had made me realized just how drained I am. Guess I really needed this break. Ok fine. I’m doing everything I can to….well, not do anything. 86 more words