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Languorous Limericks for 15th September, 2014


The word of the day – it is ‘doff’

Which I dont think is used quite enoff

You just tip your cap

and, barring mishap, 359 more words


September is the Limerickest Month! (14th's offerings)


The word of the day is… alone

Even in a crowd it’s on its own;

It feels set apart,

Has an ache in its heart, 378 more words


Lame & Limp Limericks for 13th September, 2014

Welcome to Limericks – Day 12

We’ve had to take some from the shelve

We know that was wrong

It’s where they belong

And it’s from the… 362 more words


Limerick Lunacy for 12th September, 2014



There was a man from the Isle of Wight
Who thought one day “A poem, I’ll write!”
But, he used the same rhyme
Time after time… after time, after time… after time! 181 more words


There once was a country called Twerp

There once was a country called Twerp,

That did all it could to usurp,

Other countries and states,

But all it created was hate,

What a silly old country is Twerp.



There once was a country called Pong

There once was a country called Pong,

That thought it could do nothing wrong,

It spent all its days,

Making others afraid,

Phew, what a terrible PONG!



Assorted Limericks for 11th September, 2014

Assorted Limericks

There was a young girl who loved RICE MILKS

And you know she liked A RAG MAN’S tattoo

She thought the word ‘Play’ was fun… 304 more words