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Limerick City at Night (Part 3 of 3)

The last part of my post on Limerick city at night is all about the details of the city streets. I think there is a great deal of detail that we miss in our daily lives (or maybe it is just me) and I wanted to show some of those details in this post. 259 more words


Limerick City at Night (Part 2 of 3)

Continuing my post on a night of photography in Limerick City, this post will focus on the city streets. I have to say I got a very warm welcome in general with school kids asking me to take their photo and smiles and cheerful salutes from passers by but there was a limit to where I could go. 334 more words


Limerick City at Night (Part 1 of 3)

So, my brother rings up and asks if I can bring him out to Limerick for his Christmas Work do.. Rather than think of this as a chore I brought the camera along and went in search of interest on the freezing streets of Limerick city while he spent 6 hours in a warm restaurant with good wine and good food. 335 more words


The Coliseum Cinema, Limerick

Okay so, for one of our modules in college (Digital Media) we had to do a group project about a certain historical landmark in Limerick City. 219 more words

Post 3 - The average week with the marketing society

As a first year at the start of the year, I took it upon myself to join a few societies. One of which was the marketing society because at the moment I have an interest in doing maybe a masters in marketing after I’m finished with my degree. 1,211 more words


Blog Post 1 - Visit to the Royal Cinema/Athenaeum

As part of my introduction into digital media module, I was given a group assignment in which we must write a wikipedia article on a certain topics in Limerick City. 438 more words