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Limerick #148

Joint efforts and dashed hopes…

Arthritic or not, they were all of a mind
To enter the “Charity Race for the Blind”
They slipped on their hospital mules… 18 more words


Limerick #147

Stranded in the desert…

There once was a tourist named Buell
Whose Harley ran clean out of fuel.
“It’s awful damn hot!
If only,” he thought, 10 more words


Jumping Baby

 There once was this mother, who’s me
Who really like Mighty Leaf Tea
But she liked coffee more
Although not from a store
‘Cause that’s where they charged a big fee. 91 more words



In the farmyard, the chickens and ducks,
They protest with their quacking and clucks:
“Take the eggs from the geese
That our wealth may increase!” 7 more words


The "Blizzard" of 2015

Part Two:
So the “blizzard” really wasn’t that bad.
Some companies closed, how sad.
But we got a snow day
Workers off say hurray… 7 more words



Stove-warmed René cried out “Well, by gum!
I’ve hit on a neat rule of thumb:
If it’s possible to doubt
Then cast it right out” 10 more words

Original Poems

Famous Fried Chicken league sponsorship

The League of Ireland went from being sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken, to Famous Fried Chicken, to Pat Grace’s Famous Fried Chicken in the mid 1980s. 112 more words

Cork City