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I'm alive!

Aloha friends, Many apologies to you regarding my disgustingly long absence from blogging, not that there is too many of you who read it regularly but still! 437 more words

Freelance Portfolio: Week 7

Week 7. Wait…Week 7?! That means that half of the semester has already passed. It has taken so long to get all of the relevant deadlines sorted and to begin working on them that I haven’t even felt 7 whole weeks pass. 494 more words

Gough Departs

Vale to the wizened old red.
A right band of bastards he led.
While the country still pays,
Now deceased he is praised;
He is topping the polls – now he’s dead.


I Did A Few Things Today

I did a few things today:

1. I woke up. Which is not much of an achievement, but seems as good a place as any to start a list. 484 more words


Limerick on Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights
But the lights are on only during the nights
When Lord Rama came to Ayodhya – back!
After giving Ravana the sack… 9 more words


Say what

There was a small girl called Amanda,
Who turned into a large a salamander,
Whenever she ate,
A red (not green) grape,
Poor salamander Amanda.

Nonsense Rhyme

LIMERICKS FOR MY CHRONICALLY ILL WOMEN: Some things we laugh (but mostly cry) about

Belle, not far from her dying day
Her “Disabled” pass well on display
Yet her youth camouflages
As her illness sabotages
And Grams and Gramps are ready to flay! 148 more words