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Linkdump, Lunatics and Liminal Spaces

Hello you stressed, well dressed, manic depressed … you makers, fakers, movers and shakers, you piss takers. Welcome dreamers, screamers, drivers of beemers and in-betweeners. Hey there slackers and hackers, you forward and backers. 575 more words

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AM Comix Teases Liminal Space

The AM Comix brand boats “No Gore”. They’re opting to go with a “heroes with values” and “when comics felt good” feel….of Action, Humor, and Intrigue.


Kids Go Cray For Sports Day

The concept of liminal space is one of my favorites as it has to do with the layers of cultural submersion. Liminal space is a step in the phases of culture shock, but can sometimes be a point at which your stuck here for an extended amount of time. 768 more words

Figure and ground and the pleasures of the liminal end of the year space

I used to hate this time of year. I hated the crass commercialism and the pressure to buy buy buy. I hated work holiday parties. Family holiday parties. 619 more words

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Zoe Preece- Sensorial Object

This was a lecture that we had in our Monday lecture slot. I haven’t been very interested in the last couple of Monday lectures, but I found this one interesting because I liked¬†Zoe’s work and found what she was taking about interesting. 456 more words


Liminal Space and Fear of Change - Thoughts by Jo Hunter of 53 Million Artists

At a foraged supper club this Monday, a story for another time, I was lucky enough to run into friend to 6-Heads, Jo Hunter of 53 Million Artists. 440 more words


Locked In Mortal Combat - Wallpaper

Gauge is locked in mortal combat with one of the baddies, the Vampiress, from Liminal Space.  (Fun Fact: An alleyway is a Liminal Space!) 8 more words