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Tokyo: Industrial Landscape Tourism

“Factory infatuation” maybe a thing?

Yesterday’s post drew a comparison between liminal spaces and the work that happens in a good conversation: how we help each other explore a topic, which often opens a route to a conclusion and even action. 49 more words


Let’s Get Liminal: How to be a Co–Laborer/Co-Thinker/Co-Contributor

Show up to explore the space between

My friend helps researchers at his Midwestern university organize their thoughts for publication. He also helps them apply for grants to fund their research—a function many universities are increasingly focused on. 303 more words


Liminal space or "the in-between"

Lately, I’ve been frustrated – tearful at times – with the great in-between I’m in. It seems a chasm, a Grand Canyon between the returning to Kansas and the next unknown season of purpose. 731 more words

There Is A Lot I Don't Know

Coracle Moon

The moon was a luminous coracle adrift in a cloudy sea.

Gosh, it was pretty. Early in the morning, the waning moon drifting in and out of clouds. 355 more words



Arthur Gottlieb Opp, Jr. ~ January 30, 1921 – March 24, 2014

Family is a funny thing. As a kid, I grew up with background noise I didn’t question or even pay much attention to. 426 more words

Liminal Space

the ladies in waiting (in her shoes).

I look down at my feet: they’re puffier and a little wider than usual, but what, really, is “usual” these days?  The left and the right, well, they haven’t worn heels for a good couple of months now, though not for lack of want.  598 more words

What Is Memory?

“No man ever steps foot twice in the same river for it is never the same river and he is never the same man.”

What is… 74 more words