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How To Use SEO On Your Site

Limit the focus on creating your website for SEO strategies and try to focus on human preferences.

The Central Limit Theorem

Suppose we’re sampling from a population with mean μ and variance σ2. Formally, the independent random variables {X1, X2, …, Xn} comprise our sample of size n from the distribution of interest. 738 more words


Mix-Up Monday #11

Holiday vs. working day …

… today is Easter Monday. For most people this means relaxing, hanging out with friends and family or going on a little day trip. 191 more words

Mixup Monday

The Division

I want you but you don’t even know.
Mentally I love you but can’t let it show.
I need you to stay but love when you go. 104 more words


Are Barriers Real or Imagined?

Many people perceive wrongly, the obstacles in their lives. Afraid of failure they never start. Take for example the concept of liberation, it might seem like a tree which could never be scaled. 163 more words

Thought For The Day

How do I do a lazy load of images in ListView?

Most of the apps uses a ListView and in most of the ListViews the requirement is to show thumbnail size of images. ListView size may be more than 40,60,100 or even 200. 177 more words


The Inevitable Goodbye

We are constantly reminded that our existance in this part of life is miniscule, tiny, just about the blink of an eye.

We’re here for no more than a millisecond of this earth’s life, how does that reflect on how we live? 160 more words

Simple Views Of Existing