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Getting Past the 3000-mile Limit Before Getting an Oil Change in DC

“If you live in Washington DC, it’s imperative to be aware of reliable auto shops like Georgetown Exxon. Having your much needed oil change in Washington, DC done by skilled technicians is a best practice for your car. 94 more words

today was good.

today was really good. it was really tiring but I feel like I really got things done and I really pushed myself, it feels great actually to know that I worked my ass off. 17 more words

Thoughts With Ink

“You don’t get creative by 
staying in the same place.” 
Andy Law


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Never confuse pretty with beauty…

Paddick Van Zyl

#108 Annoying Patience

Patience has a limit but annoyance has none.

Day 10: Closure

During much of the second semester, I questioned my involvement in my org. I was the secretary, part of the executive committee, but I wasn’t very active in the org’s day-to-day activities. 281 more words

Daily Grind

Don’t limit yourself

Don’t limit yourself by what you’ve achieved. All your past achievements are only stepping stones for the greatness to come.