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Manga Review: The Limit volume 1 by Keiko Suenobu

Go with the flow.

In classrooms across the globe there are cliques.

These circles have set their own rules and standards that they attempt to impose on their peers, to varying success. 880 more words


A Joyfully Remembered Epiphany!

Aha! I have remembered it! With such haste did I say I’d forgotten it, that now, I have remembered it! Oh joy! Here ’tis. 267 more words

Simply Anomalous Epiphanies

Burton Hastings: Proposed 30 mph speed limit order 2014

Warwickshire County Council propose to make the above Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the effect of which will be to impose a 30 mph speed limit on the lengths of road in Burton Hastings as described in the   167 more words

Rugby Borough

How Being Less Ambitious Saved Me

Last January, I was about to begin my 6th semester in college. At that time, my last GPA was pretty good; in fact, it was the best GPA I had ever had. 344 more words

College LIfe

Secret of success

“There is a limit to everything” !! This is the one line which is said by all of us often rather its felt by many of us. 217 more words


Was the $log$ really undesirable ? (a limit problem)

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The Problem:

$$\lim_{n \to \infty} \dfrac{(-1)^n n^2}{n!} \sum\limits_{k=2}^{n} (-1)^k \binom{n}{k} k^{n-1}\log k = 2 $$

Source: (1)¬†Selected problems in real-analysis: by Makarov, Goluzina, Lodkin, Podkorytov… 428 more words


Hopeless (Hopeless 1) by Colleen Hoover: Another YA book, this time I made sure not to read part 2. Interesting characters and story, the perfect beach read. 250 more words