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There are many things we believe our happiness depends on; we strive for them randomly, getting equally random outcomes, because associations of the mind creating the belief what we need to get happy are accidental. 408 more words


Woman fights parking ticket at Windward City Shopping Center

A Kaneohe woman trying to get a head start on her Christmas shopping at Windward City Shopping Center did not like the surprise she received on her windshield: a $40 ticket. 209 more words



Limit your self


Never ever

Limit your self.

- writingdilegently


Wish i could do that...!

Sky Is The Limit…!

Wish i could fly to meet my Dear Loving Followers..!

My Words

Limitless Freedom

Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. – Paul Brandt

If only I could be as a bird, flying high in the sky.

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This little game we play called...

You’re distracting.

You’re sexy.

You’re alluring.

There is something about this that I am already addicted too.

Is it the fact that it makes my days better, or the fact that I get to see more of you then people know? 295 more words

I’m highly grateful to those who accept my limits and flaws; they’re the ones who believe that I can make it to the top, whoever I am.

Agreements And Disagreements