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Who Places Limits, God or Man?

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Matthew 21:22

So, does God have limitations? God will not do what we are not willing to allow Him to do through us!

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1611 King James

Subliminal Scribble 235

Some people choose

to evolve within the

realm of their limitations.


Make each moment outstanding

What do you really, truly want to do with all that you have? This is your chance to make it happen. Don’t waste this moment regretting other moments in your past, or fearing moments to come. 136 more words


Sabbatical #1

The popular understanding of freedom is that it is a state of existence that is above or outside of limitation. Limitations are then said to be anything that limits possibility. 442 more words


I Reject That Story

I heard a podcast by Mary Morrison – life coach, motivational speaker, spiritual author. My takeaway from her talk was the phrase “I reject that story.” It brought to mind the posts where we’ve discussed how we find evidence to support whatever theory we have such as… 385 more words


How Lifelong Success Works: Prepare To Climb Down As You Make Your Way Up

Life is a series of peaks. It’s a fool’s assumption to believe that success moves in a linear direction. Believing that once success is met, life moves smoother. 433 more words

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