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It's Not About the Illness

More than one million people in America get cancer each year and for more than sixty-five years, the American Cancer Society has been finding answers that save lives- from changes in lifestyle to new approaches in therapies to improving cancer patient’s quality-of-life (cancer.org).  990 more words

How to Avoid Getting a Cease and Desist Letter from the NFL

While the National Football League may not have time to watch the Ray Rice footage or investigate “deflategate,” its attorneys certainly have enough time to send out cease and desist letters and enforce its intellectual property rights. 985 more words

Freedom from limitations

Suspended in space. Untethered;

floating like a bubble

or dropping like a stone

Expanding in space. Reclaiming;

welcoming like a star beam

or black like a bad dream.

Freedom from limitation;

use imagination.


Are you winning in your mind?

Is it imaginable for an individual to live in a world of infinite possibility ­– where dreams and goals are achieved? Yes it is! Henry Ford remarked, “Whether you think (or imagine) you can, or you think (or imagine) you can’t – you are right.” In other words, the endings you experience in reality has a direct link to the outcomes you create in your mind prior. 360 more words

Know Your Limitations

Why is it so important to know and obey our limitations? And why does that seem so hard?

I currently work as a nanny. I’m not sure how much Ellie Mei weighs, but it is too much for me to lift. 1,134 more words

Many a follower claims to have no strength. Many a follower compares what they have with others. Many a follow doesn't know the true strength they do have.

One day, I strolled out and met a startling sight – an oak tree was arguing … with a reed!

The might oak’s voice was deep and painted with strength. 235 more words


Blizzard days are like chronic illness days, so don't panic

If you’ve looked at the news in the U.S. at all in the last day, you know that the northeast is getting hit with a big blizzard. 799 more words