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When we confront obstacles they won’t become a permanent barrier, but merely some detail that needs to be solved

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are fake beliefs that we form in our heads. These beliefs ultimately limits our ability, ONLY because we believe that we cannot do something or achieve something. 213 more words



   We are capable of more than we think we are capable. Some might disagree saying they have enough insight of their strengths. But they must reconsider. 413 more words

Self Psychology



am I being too harsh not wanting to bend?

having been twisted by what was,
limiting what will be?

can I make some concessions? 63 more words


What is written

In my last post we talked about how the stumbling blocks in our way give us an indication of how to go about making a plan to get what we want. 230 more words

What's your story?

Most people believe that the reason they are not successful is due to some external force that is keeping them down. They don’t have time to take business classes so they can learn how to succeed because they have kids. 261 more words