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Pysankas and more

When I was little my mom started a collection of eggs for me. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly know why and I never asked, but I suppose it was just something for us to share. 561 more words


Hair, hair, say me, who is more beautiful ?

De retour à l’internat, seulement le mardi (si rappelez-vous , j’étais malade !)  et avec une flemme immense de faire mes devoirs (comme souvent) (comme presque tout les soirs) (comme tout le temps) (ouais, en gros je suis une feignasse qui ne bosse jamais) (juré, même mon psy m’la dit !) ma copine Mélanie a rejoint notre chambre pour qu’on puisse regarder le sketch que Nanas et Colo avaient préparé pour leur oral se déroulant le lendemain. 233 more words


Je comprends mieux que je parle, or How I Always Get Free Breakfast I'm in France

My high school French teacher friended me on Facebook. In case the gray hair and lack of tax refunds wasn’t enough validation that I am officially an adult, this settled it. 740 more words


New on 500px : Another street rework #Limoges by billbaroud87 by billbaroud87

Hi everybody, after asking some comments on forums, i reworked my last shot in order to get a better result. I changed many things as you can see, telle me what you thin about these changes ;) 6 more words


Some “Before and Now” pictures of Callington (Kelliwek) in East Wivelshire.
As far as I know “Before and Now” is a concept pioneered by Jackymoto of Limoges. 43 more words

Vieux Bolleaux