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Day Four: The Sad One

This one really comes down to a song that I can relate to a lot and that song ended up being two songs again. But, I may as well make my emotion days symmetrical. 165 more words

30 Day Song Challenge

Jimmy Kimmel Weighs in on 'What Bono Should Have Said': Watch

By Brian Ives 

By now, nearly everyone has voiced their opinion about U2‘s iTunes invasion, where — as you have probably heard by now — they surprised millions of people by releasing the album, with no prior announcement, straight into millions of people’s iClouds… 376 more words


Concert Story: Machine Gun Kelly and Limp Bizkit

So decided to go with my girlfriend to the Machine Gun Kelly and Limp Bizkit concert in CT tonight, not really that I fit in to that type of crowd with there black makeup and super tight pants and what not so I stood out in my jeans and tshirt (edgy outfit, I know) but I do like MGK and thought if nothing else Limp would provide some early 2000’s nostalgia. 331 more words

Day 38 - Black Light Burns

A quick post today to highlight the dark and twisty work of industrial rock band Black Light Burns.

Fronted by on-off Limp Bizkit bassist Wes Borland (yes the guy in the skeleton costume on the roof in the Rollin’ video), these guys are a great warped, quirky slice of off-the-beaten track grungy, rocky goodness. 141 more words

Soccer Hipster Matchday 7: Give Me Something to Break

Recently Steven Sodergergh posted a version of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in which he stripped out the color and replaced the sound with “… a score designed to aid you in your quest to just study the visual staging aspect.” The Internet has been abuzz with this, but what Soderbergh did was hardly original. 979 more words

Statement of Intent (It's On!)

Hello and good evening.

So. Well. Nu Metal. The very words probably inspire a lot of feelings in you even as you read them. Anger, wrath, hate, contempt, rage, fury, sadness, despair, angst, lust (maybe)… heck, mix those up with some detuned riffing and slap bass and we could probably make a Nu-Metal album of our own. 422 more words

Defending Nu Metal