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Lincoln is 9 Months Old!

I think these two photos pretty much sum up this boy at 9 months old. Regular stand-offs with his siblings and general silliness abound!

John L. and his new 2014 Stingray!

Husker Auto Group

A Fantastic Exegesis of the Gettysburg Address

From the Article: 

In fact, the Gettysburg Address must rank high among the greatest speeches anywhere. It is right up there with the Apology of Socrates and the Funeral Oration of Pericles, with the added benefit that Lincoln’s was actually written and delivered by him, whereas the speeches by Socrates and Pericles come to us secondhand, so to speak, from Plato and Thucydides.

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Charleston Harbor - Fort Sumter

A sand bar in the mouth of Charleston Harbor was fortified with tons of New England granite to become Fort Sumter, part of the U.S. coast defenses built after the War of 1812. 56 more words


Lincoln sushi party - a success

The people who know me most know that I love sushi. It’s one addiction I haven’t been able to shake. When I travel for work I am always on the lookout. 383 more words