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Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.

—Linda Hogan, Native American writer

Literary Selection

Solar Storms, a true pleasure

Have you ever started a book yet not quite finish it? Did you just put it back on the shelf or somewhere in the house? 1,092 more words


The Red Father of War

“…As for the animal hand on death’s knife,
Knives have as many sides,
As the red father of war,
Who signs his name,
In the blood of other men. 28 more words



This week when I visited my mother in Kansas, I learned three things. First, when she leans back in her recliner and closes her eyes, she is often still listening, so I can’t assume she’s taking a nap. 551 more words


dear linda

dear linda, 

yes, i’m roughly your age so i definitely identify.  you split with the hulk and then you felt a little lonely, a little less than the beauty you once were, a little lost and vulnerable.   420 more words

Linda Hogan Is In A Lawsuit With 19-year-old EX Boyfriend!!

Linda Hogan‘s boyfriend Charlie Hill is filing a lawsuit against her for $1.5 MILLION!!

They began to date when Linda and Hulk Hogan split. She was then 48-years-old and Charlie was….19-year-old…let that settle in for a second. 122 more words