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The gap between rich and poor is killing growth

No doubt the rich and powerful have been cracking up with laughter for decades over their ability to peddle ‘trickle-down economics’ to a trusting public. But a surprisingly strong report just released by the prestigious OECD may cause the public to regard these wealthy snakeoil salesmen more skeptically in the future. 806 more words


Why the robocalls conspiracy will happen again — quietly

If you’re a low-level political operative, the conviction of Conservative party staffer Michael Sona for his role in the robocall scandal may well have deterred you from committing voter fraud in the future. 845 more words


The markets won’t ‘fix’ climate change for us

Okay, so we’ve figured out how to propel a small device through space at 60,000 kilometres an hour for ten years, and then land it on a comet 6 billion kilometers away. 812 more words


The rich are getting richer — and faster than you think

The Onion magazine suggests we should consider the gap between rich and poor the Eighth Wonder of the World — “a tremendous, millennia-old expanse that fills us with both wonder and humility … the most colossal and enduring of mankind’s creations.” Another aspect of the rich-poor gap that has always filled me with wonder is how the rich manage to keep it off the political agenda. 855 more words


Back to the kitchen, Mrs. Cleaver: Harper's income-splitting and social engineering

Stephen Harper is gearing up for the next election with a plan for rewarding “hardworking Canadian families”. Or at least a few of them. In truth, Harper plans to give something to all families by enriching the Universal Child Care Benefit by $60 a month per child — thereby providing parents with an extra $2 a day. 840 more words


Fear works for Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper insisted last week that we will not be intimidated by terrorism. He then did everything he could to ensure that we will be intimidated by terrorism. 866 more words


Reflections on a violent day in Ottawa (6)

Harper tries to intimidate us into perpetual war


Stephen Harper insisted last week that we will not be intimidated by terrorism.

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