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Beautiful Intent for November 24, 2014

Things might feel unreal today. So it is going to be very important to keep a sense of perspective. We can do this by grounding! 170 more words


Killarney Dojo – Nov 23, 2014.

Osu, this is Linda.

Today, Sensei Tats got the students of both the White Belt Level 2 and White Belt Stripe Level 1 classes to do a variety of races which included: 202 more words




photos ex Marlene Kendon & Robert Brooke

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Marlene Kendon, the great niece of Leo Swales (& Joseph Swales), now to the naive amongst us (thats me) in the early 1900′s the Swales were prolific owners of yachts & motor launches. 173 more words


nice fall afternoons

i know i always post pictures of my piggies outside, but i just love seeing them happy and exploring, and how cute they look eating everything around them! 263 more words


A Bigger Blight

Link to today’s strip.

Not much to say about this one, as the Bull-DUI arc sputters to a halt, shuddering, wheezing and leaking oil.  I’m honestly not sure what to make of Linda, here–I get that she’s trying to cheer Bull up, but it really sounds (in the context of this strip) that seeing Bull lose big-time is a genuine turn-on for her.  254 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

Day 324: Return to the Forbidden Planet Musical

This evening was quite the adventure! The first began with Elissa, Dayan, Linda and me attending the Carl Junction High School musical, Return to the Forbidden Planet. 806 more words

Year Of Firsts

A Dash Of Hope

Link to today’s strip.

Here we see the problem with Mr. Brian Steinberg’s piece on Funky Winkerbean, much discussed over the past couple of days.  465 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky