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Not that I want to be a god or a hero. Just to change into a tree, grow for ages, not hurt anyone.  

Czesław Miłosz…

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Lime trees in Carshalton Park

“Tennis racquets swish through a lime blossom breeze – summer in Sutton”

Walking through Carshalton Park a few days before Wimbledon tennis week inspired this haiku.  288 more words



It’s not original at all, not very complicated nor requiring much creative power to make it work.  I’ve seen plenty of other artists use plant impressions in their pieces.  But I’m not too worried about being a pathfinder or trailblazer right now, just about trying something new-for-me that I will love and that will expand my sense of the possible.

And who needs edgy or boundary-pushing when the print of a leaf is so delicate and alive?  I can’t go outside without seeing some shape, some quiver of branch, some whorled bud or seed that is a complete revelation, a complete beauty in itself, though I may have known and noted the plant before.  All is old.  All is new.  Something of freshness in every rendering of a time-honored theme.

Make on.


Sex by the numbers

I’m three months into a new relationship and I’m bored. There, I said it (almost) out loud. I’m not bored with her, I’m bored of the sex. 278 more words


Two Men Arrested, Charged in Kidnapping & Murder of Linden Woman

JACKSON – Following a joint investigation with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has arrested two men in connection to the kidnapping and murder of a Linden woman in what was originally thought to be a case of hit-and-run. 203 more words


L'Occitane Savons Traditionnels

Savons Traditionnels (bahasa Prancis) dalam bahasa Indonesia yang artinya adalah Sabun Tradisional, dan sabun tersebut berbentuk batangan. Got it? ;)

Sabun batangan atau sabun tradisional memang nge-tren dari zaman dahulu kala sampai sekarang juga masih banyak koq yang menggunakannya. 195 more words


Linden Holder is not my real name.

Linden Holder is not my real name.

Names have been changed throughout to protect the innocent and guilty alike. And to protect me.

What I am going to talk about is my sex life. 305 more words