Lindos Athena

It is not state-owned, but an S.A. share company with special privileges, restrictions and duties. Bank of Greece articles of association, Edition ?, 2000 Chapter ?, «???????? 230 more words



Next up on the Greecian odyssey is the adorable little sugar cube village of Lindos.

The village is a sprawl of traditional white houses, many of which have rooftop terraces complete with bars and restaurants. 216 more words


Rhodes, Greece

For the week of Christmas, we traveled by ferry over to the Greek island of Rhodes. Coming from the 99.9% Muslim Turkey, it was surprisingly sweet to hear Christmas carols in the grocery, to watch twinkling lights, and to see people wearing reindeer headbands and Santa hats. 706 more words


Another lovely card from the lovely Milda. :)

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in terms of land area and also the island group’s historical capital. 105 more words


Voltando atrás

Eu nunca, NUNCA, NUNCA, me imaginaria dizendo isso mas lá vai: eu oficialmente virei uma directioner! (Me desculpem as fãs se estiver escrito errado, sou nova nisso haha) É isso gente, eu aceitei e abracei e parei de lutar….   74 more words

Vai Valer A Pena