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Le Week-End

Sitting in the dark theater of an afternoon matinee of Le Week-End on a gloomy day in Philadelphia, I found myself being the only young person amongst four 50+ year-old couples and one lonely woman in her 60s. 558 more words


Old Souls: LE WEEK-END

Less the frothy romantic comedy suggested by its somewhat misleading trailer than a domestic dramedy Mike Leigh might’ve made when he was in a good mood, LE WEEK-END thwarts (if not quite subverts) expectations. 278 more words


'Le Week-End' (Roger Michell - 2013)

There are two sides to every city; just as there are two sides to every relationship and every marriage. One moment you gaze in awe at the silhouetted Eiffel Tower against the hazy Paris skyline from the balcony of your luxury hotel suite and the next you find yourself on your backside in a pile of empty crates and bags of rubbish outside an overly-priced seafood restaurant. 613 more words


Film Review: Le Week-End

Oh Paris, je t’aime!

What do you get when you mix the influence of French new wave director Jean-Luc Godardthe acting talents of Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, the sturdy direction of Roger Michell and poised writing of Hanif Kureishi? 1,276 more words


Mansfield Park: screen versions of Jane Austen's novel

Mansfield Park

Three versions of Mansfield Park are available on DVD: a BBC version (1983) directed by David Giles, with Sylvestra le Touzel as Fanny Price, another BBC version (1999) directed by Patricia Rozema, with Frances O’Connor as Fanny, and an ITV version (2007) directed by Ian B MacDonald with Billie Piper as Fanny. 426 more words


Le Week-End - Review

A sentimental journey across the English Channel to re-discover love and happiness buried deep in the labyrinths of time and mismatch tempers Le Week-End is a toast not only to the regrets and rewards of the thing called matrimony, but also to that ever elusive romantic bubble that gets sadly crushed by heartless and cruel indifference of one partner and the abject meekness of the other. 259 more words

Movie Reviews

Film Review: 'Le Week-End' balances delicate humor with harsh depiction of 30-year marriage

The depiction of love in movies often feels unfulfilling to the older movie-goer or anyone, for that matter, with true experiences in long-term relationships. Hollywood has a knack for making weddings part of the climax in films about relationships. 1,104 more words