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Today’s story is by Lindsay Hunter and comes from The New Black: A Neo Noir Anthology… 50 more words

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Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter

Lindsay Hunter’s debut novel isn’t just about ugly girls. It’s about ugly people, ugly places, ugly lives—“ugly” being used on the deeper, moral level. Hunter presents a host of unlikeable characters living in a box-store world, Denny’s and Circle K and Payless and McDonald’s, trailer parks and cul-de-sacs, where alcoholic mothers suck on brown bottles and oversexed adolescents find that the only fun to be had lies in the back seats of cars and doing doughnuts in a Walmart parking lot. 1,404 more words

Hooray Fiction!

Ugly Girls, by Lindsay Hunter

On the face of it, the two teenage rebels in Ugly Girls (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), Lindsay Hunter’s debut novel, are no different from a lot of girls their age. 788 more words

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Book Report: The New Black

Before I dive into this new story collection of all things dark, I must preface this post by saying that I didn’t read the whole book. 586 more words

Short Stories

The Malace At The Palace, Ten Years Later

To this day, the events that followed Ron Artest going into the stands at the Palace of Auburn Hills is the the most shocking thing I have ever watched in real time.   311 more words


Miami Vs. Orlando

Mark your calendar, Miami: Thursday, November 20, at 6:00pm

As Orlando-based Burrow Press expands its 15 Views Anthology Series to the 305, come celebrate the release of… 176 more words


Lindsay Hunter's 'Ugly Girls': Fiction and the Spectacle of Rural Poverty

Not long ago, I found myself trapped in an elevator with a finance attorney who told me, without blinking, that the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo… 1,542 more words