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Lindsay Comes to A Merciful End

I am not sure what anyone expected Lindsay on OWN to be. Those who expected or hoped for a redemption story were woefully denied that outcome. 833 more words



Today I woke up to my phone prompting me to write my next post. Ah yes, another one of my many commitments. WordPress suggested I write about my teenage idol, but I’m pretty positive Lindsay Lohan is irrelevant to what’s going on in my life at present.. 172 more words

Okay, hear me out.

Of course I’d never hope for something as painful and traumatic as a miscarriage to happen to anyone. After all, as Lindsay herself so aptly pointed out recently, “mentally, messes with you”. 379 more words


8 Reasons Why Every Girl Has a Little Lindsay Lohan in Her

Judgement is so easy isn’t it?! That’s what we do as girls… talk about other girls. But the reality is, we are all in the same boat over here. 875 more words


Celebrities That Vape

As vaping is slowly starting to creep into the mainstream, there are a number of celebrities who have picked up the habit of vaping. Probably the earliest celebrity endorsement of e-cigarettes (I hate that word) was Katherine Heigl’s appearance on the David Letterman show, puffing away and even letting good ol’ Dave take a puff. 234 more words


After telling Andy Cohen just the other day that she will not say anything bad about fellow actresses and finds that behavior “sad” after being asked what she thought of Rosie O’Donnell saying her new reality show on OWN caused “suffering, destruction and distress,” it’s hard to believe that Lindsay Lohan… 194 more words