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Counter-remedy to testing... BREATHE!

Today, we had to give a common assessment in writing.

It is SO frustrating when you don’t have a whole lot of language for someone suddenly to say, “Write!” And then for you to have nothing to write about, because you don’t really know what this person wants. 319 more words


It's Time For Lindsay To Go To Jail! Enough With The Excuses!

Lindsay Lohan was lucky enough to get an extension on her community service the first time around.

Well it looks like she is going to come up short yet again. 45 more words


Relaxing homework

Lindsay from Center for Mindful Learning came Tuesday. Last week on Tuesday, I wasn’t here. But this week, we asked who did their homework.

Our class never has homework. 494 more words

Center For Mindful Learning

In Defense of Let's Plays: A Positive Paradigm Shift

Lately, I’ve been finding myself spending a lot more time on YouTube. I wish that I could say it was because I was creating new and interesting content for others to enjoy, but the truth of the matter is that I’ve become addicted to some of the gaming personalities on YouTube. 1,267 more words


Lindsay Lohan!!

So I was in London last month and all of a sudden I see a poster for a play. With Lindsay’s face on it!

I of course had to investigate immediately! 251 more words

Player.me: Reviewing the Breakout Gaming Social Network

There’s no denying that gaming culture has become so prevalent these days that it’s become a part of popular culture in general. Whereas you might have had trouble finding people who shared your gaming interests before, the internet has definitely made it easier. 905 more words

Video Games


by Chuck Howe


Come on
It’s cool
I bet Lindsay smokes


Do you care?
Take pills.
Make your caring go away.
Just like Rush Limbaugh… 60 more words