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Pen To Paper : I'm Scared Of This Lady

I’m starting a new series called Pen to Paper. I’ll just be posting a quick drawing I do. Not every day! That’s crazy. Or is it?!



Handdraw sketch. 2013, Alnarp, SLU. LK0180, Planning project – Driving Forces & Contemporary Tendencies.

Summer time

its summer time in the Philippines.hehe see you at the beaches!haha

Day 4

‘Endless scarf’

Wanted to water colour this one sooo badly!!

Isolation of one media really does get you thinking about others..

Freelance artist

Alka of Blade and Soul

Lucy of Fairy Tail

Morgiana of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

You can email me at rexrubens@gmail.com if you have any request or you want to commission me on any design or in fanart. 8 more words