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Why Am I Here?

This is a question I ask myself every day that I work, so I figured it was only appropriate for my first post to have this title. 236 more words


Two Roads Diverged

Giving your two weeks notice at your job isn’t quite as dramatic as it’s made out it to be in television and the movies. Or at least it wasn’t for me. 1,239 more words


New Project: Lobster & Leek Terrine

Today reminded me of what inspired me to get into the restaurant industry – the fast ramblings of an excited, creative madman who expects you to somehow execute his vision given minimal instructions and very few details. 539 more words


Always Improving

As soon as I arrived today, I was greeted by Chef frantically announcing that we all need to get set up ASAP as we will be starting with the happy hour menu at noon and nixing the snack menu. 759 more words


Early Morning, Late Night

Yesterday felt especially exhausting as I had to run some errands in the morning for work. Two items on my order list were panko breadcrumbs (to make another round of those oh so fun Scotch eggs) and blue tape (the lifeline of the kitchen to those who are vigilant about labeling everything). 381 more words


Daytime Drinking

The World Cup continues, which means we opened our doors at noon today for the Mexico vs. Brazil game. It is a cruel punishment to try to get work done in the middle of our normal prep time only to be periodically interrupted by the evil ticket machine. 506 more words


Week 22: Eight Hour Service

So we opened at 2pm today for the England vs. Italy World Cup game for early happy hour, which ran right into our usual 5pm happy hour and dinner service after that. 649 more words