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Prof...Mark 2.

I’ve been in ‘Professor Mode’ of late. Supply and demand, it would seem that clients seem to have the similar idea that a professor is the perfect symbol for their business. 53 more words

Jane Davenport's 'Supplies Me'

sketching faces with a fountain pen…not just any pen, but the ‘epic pen’ :)


Journey Finds

Saw this on my way home from work the other night. Thought it came across strikingly elegant which I assume was the point; to capture the essence of the event mentioned which would be the “BAFTA’s”. 130 more words


Big plate, small food...

…and a hell of a lot of washing up.

I’m keen on cooking, and eating. This drawing was obviously about chefs or the like, but I cannot remember excactly. 133 more words

52 weeks. Week three

Rescued from the rubbish.
A present from my husband.
He knows me so well.
Better than diamonds.

Cigar box heaven.

I’m already using one as a pencil box. 7 more words

52 Weeks

oh the places you'll go...

usually i just try and entertain you or make you jealous about the monster waves i catch (he he he). today i am going to persuade you to buy a… 79 more words


Rough seas rough...

The sort of opposite to yesterday’s drawing.
A first draft.Will it ever get finished?
The idea never really gelled but the drawing was fun…