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This is my old sketch, i tried to sketch pollution and its effect on nature in the form of a healthy and a weaker natural representative. 9 more words

Line Sketch


I cut myself on a clove of garlic today…

That’s just how weird and arbitrary life can be sometimes…

It stung with the garlic oil… 76 more words

Art Work

Hipsters and their beards - a curious trend

Ooooookay then, so I was in the gym last week going through a new workout with a nice personal trainer. He, like a lot of young men these days, had one of… 153 more words

River World

River world, yeah! truly its a friction, but things are real. I just tried to draw the living beings in river world, some of them are, yes frictional character like mermaid, and river king, but other things are real like dolphin, shark, turtle, fishes, and aquatic plants. 68 more words

Line Sketch

Part 2, Project 3, ex 2 Detail and Simple Line

Select a natural object with interesting detail and, using a black fibre-tipped pen or a similarly ‘non-expressive’ tool (i.e. where the line does not change in width easily) create a simple line drawing on a sheet of A4 paper.  71 more words

Marker Pen Drawing