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Indy Custom ICE-1SG Starting Line Electric Guitar - Seafoam Green

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Trembling Line

Line can tremble on paper like her breast in his hand.


Secret Information

Secret information? Okay, probably not much remains truly hidden or forbidden anymore, but there are little secrets about how things work. Salesmen, politicians, and others learn and use subtle techniques to influence you. 547 more words


Las Vegas NV Line Matrix Printer Repair

RTW INC has the number one line matrix repair facility in Las Vegas,…

Discussion: Poster Analysis

Landa explains the purpose of a poster as a way to communicate a message, and in order to accomplish such task, in order to accomplish it most effectively, the designer has to be able to grab the viewer’s attention, on the move or standing still, so the key is that the poster has to be attractive, engaging, to captivate the viewer and capture their full attention, from the rest of the visual clutter. 184 more words


23rd July 2014

At about this time of the evening Daisy retires to her basket.


It’s Not That I’m Afraid of Heights; It’s Just That Whole Ground Thing That Bothers Me

I have never been afraid of heights, but I must admit that my first thought when my wife broached the idea of a zip line adventure was, “You want me to do what?” 1,898 more words