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Behind the Stories: The Black Tears

My series of short stories called The Black Tears is a four part series in which 6 humanoids meet each other and fight the spread of a deadly disease- nicknamed the black tears, as it is the fatal symptom- throughout our multiverse. 2,123 more words


The 12th Doctor: Character Review

On the fields of Trenzalore at the fall of the 11th; we get our first glimpse of the 12th  Doctor. Older, with attack eyebrows, and a seemingly cold and calculating exterior: the 12th Doctor is very different from his predecessor. 398 more words


Positive Playlist

This playlist was made for when you are feeling a bit down and defeated. These songs should lift your mood up and give you hope. 288 more words

Liner Notes

Mister Cee - The Physical Tape

The Physical Tape by Mister Cee was the first “real” mixtape I purchased. I won’t lie – I had no idea who Mister Cee was back then (Now I know that he’s one of New York’s most respected DJs with strong ties to Big Daddy Kane and co-producer of Notorious BIG’s debut album… 890 more words

Hip Hop

My True Identity

Sometimes I dream about strange stars at night. In my dreams, I jump up from Earth, launch through the atmosphere, and shoot past blazing stars. Feeling a strange euphoria, I launch through an explosion of color and light. 1,243 more words

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Why Rdio Rules iTunes

This “>NPR story details the decline in iTunes downloads. This Makeuseof post dances on iTunes grave, albeit prematurely.  This issue of Liner Notes is about the triumph of streaming music. 391 more words

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