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Dark Matter Is Actually Alive Part 4

It had been a century. With all these longevity drugs, and mutated genes, Jamy felt and looked like 30. Life had not been so bad. His sister was still safe in the asylum (where she had received similar longevity treatment), and he taught history classes in the institute. 760 more words

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3. The Liner Notes

This here blog is a blog about liner notes and has no festive connotations despite the time of year (Christmas), it has no topical relevance such as politics or world affairs, and is continuing down the same route as the previous two blog entries; misinformed, cynical, narrow minded, lazy, and a sarcastic take on the mutating trends created by a music buying public acting only with selfish consumerism negating thoughts of sympathy to the industry they thrive off of whilst carrying an air of authority that holds it’s own opinion in higher esteem than any others. 2,115 more words


Tick Tock

This is one of two stories I wrote that was inspired by Fahrenheit 451. In this one, I take Clare’s perspective and attempt to elaborate her death, which I found unclear when I read the book: 1,213 more words

Liner Notes

Rap Playlist

This content may contain explicit language

This is a series of rap songs to help you relax, think, and expand your consciousness

Ruff Ryders Anthem… 311 more words

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Dark Matter Is Actually Alive Part 3

The Traveller’s perspective: On Earth Mark II, water and other gases condense on dust to form the wildest cloud formation on this planet. It looks like a layer cake fit for a ghost king- layers of rich purple stacked upon blood red, orange and eggshell white. 988 more words

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The Cube  

The door swung open, a recently clocked out nurse looking into the room. It was that strange room at the end of the hall, the one where no one came back from. 242 more words

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Liner Notes: A Wintery Mix 2014

This annual compilation is in its 11th year, and it represents my favorite tracks from the year just passed. I trust you’ll not only find tracks you like, but also artists you might not otherwise hear. 215 more words