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For music fans at record fair, vinyl is final

These days most people don’t own record players, but for those who do have turntables, or like to collect records, there was this event on Sunday. 154 more words


September (When Fall Loses Hope)

Oh, but, you’ll dream about her.

And you’ll tell her your thoughts; and she’ll rub your little head and say “it’s okay”.

And it’s okay. 113 more words


Robert Dessaix on Intimacy and Radio

Intimacy is one of my prime values in life. I cherish above all things intimate relationships with a handful of people. There is no joy like intimacy, nothing compares, not even chocolate beside a fire on a cold night. 79 more words

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Raincoats, 'The Kitchen Tapes' (1983)

Disorderly Naturalism

The first thing to be said about the Raincoats is that they are the most appropriately named London band in the history of pop music. 557 more words

Greil Marcus

LiLiPUT (1993)

To a lot of people, punk, whatever it was, upped and died in the U.K. between 1976 and 1978. I still remember an intricately gruesome comic strip on the great event: “The 36-month punkreich had kollapsed inna fiery ruin”–graphics showed a pile of twisted bodies, one with a syringe sticking out of its chest–and it looked like not a living thing would crawl from the wreckage. 1,066 more words

Greil Marcus

August (Fireflies)

Let yer flips flop and find their way through the wet dewy grass where the darkness does not divert from your intense intent to invert the innocence of the fragrant flower that awaits you there in the back of the bus that was bargain bought with the peace of mind that the place you put it would never find the predatory pariah that squirmed and cussed and took what’s yours and made it mine in the back of the bus in the summertime and the August lust from the fireflies that flicker and flit and spark about in the summertime,
in the summertime.


Artist Jua Releases Sophomore Album, "Colors of Life"

Back in July, 2012, I was introduced to a young vocalist to schedule what was to be my first telephone interview. On August 22, 2012, I had the pleasure of engaging in a 90-minute conversation with this vocalist by the name of… 388 more words

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