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Run Away From Home

I have a suitcase of dreams
That I packed a while ago
Right when you
Ran away from home

I must find you
All my dreams are about you… 82 more words

Liner Notes

The Flipside: Confessions of a Romantic


I am writing to you since no one else will listen. I am about to reveal a big secret. It might surprise you. I feel romantic attraction to Anthony Starson! 350 more words

Liner Notes

Reggae Mix

A Reggae mix that will  expand your consciousness. The following artists speak about freedom, rights, and how the authorities treat them.

Welcome to Jamrock
(Damian Marley) A song by Damian Marley about Jamrock. 253 more words

Liner Notes

Liner Notes: How Did It Get to be November? Edition

Definition: Liner notes (also sleeve notes or album notes) are the writings found on the sleeves of LP record albums and in booklets which come inserted into the Compact Disc jewel case or the equivalent packaging for vinyl records and cassettes. 1,360 more words

College Application Rant

In a day and age where kids are going out of their way to find a great adventure to write about for the college application process, others are clueless. 465 more words

Liner Notes

Looking For Secrets

Looking for secrets
Within the liner notes
Forgotten these days


Relax Playlist

This playlist is songs for when you just need to relax. Most of them are set in a party mode and can be played at parties but if you just don’t want to think about school then you should listen to this. 188 more words