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waiting together for the sun, 2014

My art, sometimes I feel, is too ironed out. It’s feelings. It’s basically a diary, but the thought is let out in a very controlled way. 42 more words


Chance Meeting

(This was accidentally posted on the comic blog. Sorry for the confusion) Some lines for an upcoming illustration:

And by upcoming I probably mean tomorrow. It’s funny how fast some things come together and how slowly other things do!


Portait Linework: Peter Dinklage & Maise Williams

Come to think about it, it’s been a while since I updated you guys! First off here’s some linework I’ve done for some upcoming portaits: Peter Dinklage and Maise Williams. 23 more words


Keep it Cumming

I’m very happy to say that my love of creating digital art in no way diminishes my joy at doing traditional stuff. My poor sketchbook has no idea what hit it!