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Seattle Lingerie Football Coach Calls One Of His Own Player A "Dumb Bitch" [UPDATE]

I’ve been pretty cool with what the Lingerie Football League is doing with its viral videos over the last few months, but this time the league might not want what’s coming via the video they sent out last night. 84 more words


Beer League and Other News

-This TD celebration would draw a 16 game suspension in the NFL(youtube.com)


JavaScript required to play LFL ROCKSTAR ENJOYING A COLD ONE… 421 more words

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Lingerie Football League QB Drinks A Beer After Scoring A Touchdown [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

In the words of former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, “you ever drink a beer?” In this case, the answer from Chicago Bliss QB Heather Furr seems to be a resounding “yes.” 190 more words


Lingerie QB Scores Touchdown, Drinks Beer

And the Lingerie Football League does it again. Ever seen a lingerie chick score a touchdown and then drink a beer? Now you have. That’s Chicago Bliss QB Heather Furr scoring a touchdown during an ass kicking of Gilbert Brown’s Green Bay team. 85 more words


I Just Ran Through A Lingerie Football Brick Wall For Gilbert Brown

I had to watch this one twice.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. A Super Bowl champion – Gilbert Brown – giving one of the greatest locker room speeches in Lingerie Football League history doesn’t just happen and you go on to the next video. 153 more words


Atlanta Lingerie Coach to Toledo Fan: "Hey, F-- You, Drink Another Beer"

I keep saying it time after time after time: The best part about the Lingerie Football League has to be the NSFW mic’d up coaches. There’s not much better in sports than some dude screaming at a chick — who is playing for free (they don’t get paid) — as if she’s out there playing for a trip to the Super Bowl. 101 more words


Leaving Your Markie and Other News

-Markie “Lil’ Train” Henderson with the hit of the summer(youtube.com)

-At least the Redskins controversial name has done some good in the community(bushleaguechronicle.com) 50 more words

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