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Black Hat SEO techniques

Let us go through some of the known Black Hat SEO techniques:

  • Keyword Stuffing and Stacking
  • Duplicate or Redundant Content
  • Cloaking
  • Doorway or Gateway Pages… 2,217 more words
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    Funny/ Humor Blogs to Submit/ Do a Link Exchange with!

    Hey Everyone, Does anyone know of any funny/humor blogs I can submit my parody video:  to right now I disabled the comments to avoid trolls lol I know the video will attract trolls, however I want to avoid them during the early stages of views. 29 more words

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    Get Where You Want To Be With These Search Engine Optimization Tips

    Sure, nearly every business has a website, but how many are effective? Search engine optimization can make any site more visible. The more traffic you have, the more your business can grow. 501 more words

    SEO Tips

    3 Forms of Free Advertisement For Authors & Bloggers

    Advertising your books or your blog can be expensive. The truth of the matter is that $5 here and there, along with dropping $50 or $100 once in a while, adds up – and it adds up quickly. 447 more words

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