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GUY CODE: Meet the BEST Best Man Ever

Proving he was, in fact, The Best Man (titular),┬áCameron Scheuplein stepped up to save his bud’s wedding after nefarious criminal types stole the entire event out from under the (un)happy couple. 25 more words


A Guide to Work up Web Rank by Applying Backlink

To develop a reputable website or blog, backlinks or link exchange is very notable. Backlink is a kind of methods which is performed by two website developers who exchange link. 336 more words

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GUY CODE: Why Tinder is the Perfect Place to Meet Someone

If you’re going to pick your perfect mate thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you might as well maximize your gains and return high-value targets in select portions approximate to your end-goal max-yield targets. 40 more words


GUY CODE: The Most Interesting Men In Baseball History

Babe Ruth ate so many hot dogs he passed out before the first pitch — but it didn’t stop him from leaving future games in between innings for a beer and another dog. 44 more words


GUY CODE: Strippers Drop Harsh Truth for Club Etiquette

“Don’t pretend you’re gay to get out of a dance.” Is that a thing some guys do? They go to strip clubs, and then suddenly “remember” that they’re gay? 59 more words


GUY CODE: Life Lessons From Ty Cobb Quotes

No getting around it–Ty Cobb was a titan among jerks. But he had an incredible record, probably because he was a titan among jerks. Can you use his life lessons to improve your own station in life, but hopefully without the racism? Guy Code examines the question.