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Linkblogging For 14/9/14

Sorry most of the posts the last few days have been rather thin — I’ve had bad RSI and am trying not to hurt my hands too much. 191 more words

Linkblogging for 02/09/14

Just a few links today — what little writing I’ve done has been for a project I’ll be announcing in a few days.

Dave ex Machina on the way plane passengers are pitted against each other by reclining seats… 81 more words

Linkblogging For 29/8/14

I was planning on posting a review of Scalzi’s Lock In today, but I’ve been a bit distractable and so haven’t finished reading it yet. Expect that tomorrow. 57 more words

Linkblogging For 23/8/14

I was thinking of reviewing the new Doctor Who episode, but I’ve got a migraine (third one in a week), so instead I’m going to post some links and get an early night… 86 more words

Linkblogging For 18/08/14

Just a few links today. My anxiety has been playing up the last few days, so I’ve not had a chance to get much written… 104 more words

Linkblogging For 14/8/14

RSI’s playing up a bit tonight, so you get links rather than a full post:

The cost of getting a green card — immigration’s hard everywhere… 52 more words