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Linkblogging For 06/10/14

Even though I didn’t go to Conference I still seem to have come down with Conference crud, and have been laid up for a couple of days with lurgy, so you get links instead of a proper post tonight… 62 more words

Linkblogging For 01/10/14

I’m hoping to get some stuff written tonight for the next couple of days’ posts, but my RSI is playing up badly — my right index finger, and the tendons in both wrists, are aching — so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to write. 133 more words

Linkblogging for 27/09/14

I plan to spend today and tomorrow rewriting the backlog of stuff I lost in the burglary, and get back to a regular posting schedule again tomorrow. 163 more words

Linkblogging For 25/09/14

I lost two posts (one Cerebus and one Cal Dream), and the synopsis of my next novel, in the burglary, and I’ve spent my free time for the last couple of days installing Debian and getting it configured on our replacement laptops, so you get links today. 147 more words