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Linkblogging for 17/04/14

Now that the house-moving stuff and the health stuff have settled down, and I’ve nearly finished the formatting-someone-else’s-ebook stuff, I’m planning to use much of the long weekend to build up a backlog of posts for here for the next few weeks. 95 more words

Linkblogging for 07/04/14

Firstly, my apologies for my lack of recent posts. Since this time last month I’ve attended Lib Dem conference, been laid low with pneumonia for two weeks, moved house, and proofread a five-hundred page book for Andrew Rilstone (and I’m still in the process of formatting his ebook, which I’m behind schedule with — if you’re one of his Kickstarter backers, it’s my fault, not his, that you haven’t got your ebooks yet). 143 more words

Sick Linkblogging

I’m not a well boy at the moment — I’d had a throat infection for a few weeks, but over conference it turned into what seems to be pneumonia (and again, I cannot apologise enough if anyone else has caught this from me — I wasn’t *ANYTHING LIKE* this unwell before going, or I would not have considered in a million years going to conference). 157 more words