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Queue (code):

<br />#include<iostream>
using namespace std;

struct queue
int data;
struct queue *link;

void insert()
int ele;
cout<<"Enter element to be inserted:"<<endl;
temp=new queue;
cout<<"Out of Memory !! 252 more words
Data Structure

Removing duplicate elements from a sorted linked list

In an earlier post, Removing duplicate elements from unsorted linked list

I described how to remove duplicate elements from an unsorted linked list. In this post I will explain how to remove duplicate elements from… 418 more words


queue using linked list


struct qnode // create structure
int data; //to store data
qnode *next; //pointer to next element
}*top=NULL,*front=NULL; //top(rear) and front initialised to zero… 196 more words

Data Structure

Reverse a linked list

How to reverse a linked list is one of the most commonly asked data structures interview
questions. Here we have both an iterative and a recursive solution for this problem. 79 more words
Linked List

Most likely questions on Linked List

  1. Implement Linked list
    1. Insert
    2. Delete
  2. Find nth node in the linked list
  3. Reverse a linked list
  4. Print linked list in reverse order
  5. Check if loop/cycle exists in linked list…
  6. 21 more words

Program 03

// Name        : GroupB_01.cpp
// Author      : Mriyam Tamuli
// Version     : 1.0
// Copyright   : mbtamuli©2014
// Description : Write a program using object oriented programming features to implement Doubly circular linked list with
//				 different manipulation facilities in C++. 775 more words

Q88: Memory requirement for finding kth element from back

Question 87 might be of interest to you before this one!

Question 88: Match the following methods to “find kth element from the end” to the “memory space” that they take. 163 more words