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Merging two Linked List

The following program creates two linked list and merges them in ascending order and taking care of redundancy of the data.

struct node… 399 more words


Explain Linked List/Free List

Q1. Explain Linked List/Free List.

Ans. Another approach to free-space management is to link together all the free disk blocks, keeping a pointer to the first free block in a special location on the disk and caching it in memory. 21 more words

Advantages of Linked List/Free List

Q2. What are the Advantages of Linked List/Free List?

Ans. There is no wastage of time in this method.

Disdavantages of Linked List/Free List

Q3. What are the Disadvantages Linked List/Free List?

Ans. However; this scheme is not efficient; to traverse the list, we must read each block, which requires substantial I/O time.

Cannot get continuous space easily.

Ways to Implement Free Space List

Q2. What are the ways to implement Free Space List?

Ans. Following are the ways to implement Free-Space List:

1. Bit Vector/Bit Map 

2. Linked List/Free List

3. Grouping

4. Counting

Given two extremely large numbers - each number is stored in a Singly Linked list, with the MSB at the head. You are not allowed to reverse the Linked lists. Write a program to multiply them in optimum space and time

Strategy: Multiply a number of one list through all the numbers of the other list, adding as you go. then add that value to the total sum before moving on the next number to multiply through. 317 more words