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Trans genderists are harmful to women.

A feminist roars discusses the attacks by trans genderists against radical feminists, and the underlying structural problems with “TERF”-speak.

When transwomen change the way they wear their head hair, remove their body hair, have cosmetic surgery, breast implants or a cavity they name a ‘vagina’ created they are reducing women to their bodies and the social norms imposed on those bodies.

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MANDATORY forms for the season

Hi all,

Please get these forms in as soon as possible. They are due by Saturday, December 6th. If you do not turn in these forms on time, you will not be allowed to participate in any BLS fencing practices or meets. 345 more words


Sunday Scrollings

I know it’s a tad early for “Merry Christmas”, but here’s a card I designed for my photoshop class and I really love it! ~Hence the sharing on the internet. 193 more words


Rex Murphy (2014.11.22)

Obama’s climate ‘deal’ with China? ‘Surrender’ might be a better term

So this great historic deal is really nothing more than yet another trot out of verbal commitments, a last gasp for Mr.

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The Serendipitous Saunter.

Good Sunday to you all! It’s been a busy week here on the south coast and looks to get even busier in the lead-up to Christmas. 533 more words

Not quite like hotcakes

but the hats are selling much better than they have for a while, and the stats are way up, too, so that’s awesome. (This blog’s stats are up as well so I’m a bit delighted right now! 231 more words


How to have the best Thanksgiving ever

When I first moved to Poland, I thought it was silly to do Thanksgiving since it wasn’t a holiday celebrated here. But the longer I have lived here and the more I miss the U.S., the more sense it makes for me to celebrate such “silly” holidays. 445 more words

Vegan Recipes