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NaturalNews - Mike Adams - Ebola Outbreak May Already Be Uncontrollable; Monsanto Invests In Ebola Treatment Drug Company As Pandemic Spreads - 31 July 2014

(NaturalNews) A global outbreak of deadly Ebola is underway and has crossed national borders. One infected victim of the horrifying disease flew on international flights, vomiting on board and exposing hundreds of people to the deadly virus which can be transmitted through airborne particles. 2,241 more words


Violin Museums Around the World

I’ve been looking for a list of museums with ‘famous’ and historical stringed instruments from the violin family.  I never managed to find a good list, so I’ve started to compile one.   43 more words


Ronna Herman - Latest Message From Archangel Michael - "Enhancing Your Power To Manifest" - 31 July 2014

Beloved masters, as you traverse the return path into the higher-dimensional realms of existence known as the River of Light/Life, or sometimes, the Rainbow Bridge of Cosmic Consciousness, the vibrational patterns within and around you are in a constant state of change. 2,225 more words


TheIndependent - Historic Abuse Convictions Cause Leap In Prisons' Sex Offender Population - 31 July 2014

The Independent

Police and charities have said more victims are coming following the exposure of the abuse committed by Jimmy Savile

Quote: The prison sex offender population has doubled in ten years, fuelled by the jump in historic abuse convictions.

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WakingTimes - Robert Bonomo -The Seven Pillars Of The Matrix - 31 July 2014

“No one is more of a slave than he who thinks himself free without being so.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Contemporary baptized, corporatized and sanitized man rarely has the occasion to question his identity, and when he does a typical response might be, “I am product manager for a large retail chain, married to Betty, father of Johnny, a Democrat, Steelers fan and a Lutheran.” 12 more words


TheAustralian - Andrew Forrest Welfare Proposal Ambitious And Brave: PM - 31 July 2014

The Australian

(Lucas: Mr. Huxley would be proud of such proposal of nanny state and control over humans. Control via all that you need or eat and drink…. 148 more words