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Ordinary moments: bruises

Dear bruised-leg little big girl,

I love the way that each active week is recorded day by day on your knees and shinbones.

I love that, at this age, you have a pure and innocent love for your body, for what it can do rather than what it looks like. 182 more words


Real Mums All Bran 5 Day Challenge

Dear Mummy,

We know you can be a little bit nervous sometimes, a little bit anxious. We know you worry about how you look, especially since having us. 254 more words


Pick a Positive Linky on loan!

Well I’m not a massive fan of linky’s probably because no matter how regular they are I am rarely well prepared for them!  Pretty much the only one I have done regularly (as in more than twice!) is… 527 more words

Getting To Know Me

Black and white photography linky

To join in with the black and white linky again this week I have used another photo from a while ago, but which I used in colour not black and white. 51 more words


#FitFriday Linky 3

Welcome to the third #FitFriday linky. I really appreciate all of your support and linking up. It’s early days at the moment and just seeing how it goes and how popular it is so to all of you that are linking, it’s very much appreciated. 142 more words


The Aussie WIP Wednesday

{UPDATE – I was so caught up in getting my Sea Breeze post organised I didn’t spare more than a passing thought about the lack of interest on the WIP Wednesday post until this morning when I realised it hadn’t published! 306 more words

General Stuff

Catching up before leaving again

Why, hello there. It’s been a full summer so far. Balancing being at work and not being at work is sometimes a challenge. For instance, I meant to talk a bit about ALA, but then I was traveling directly after, and then I was enjoying being at home and not traveling, and by the time I got back to work and sat down to write out some observations here on this blog they seemed flat. 308 more words