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Linus - 9 Months

Nine months! I think we did a lotta growing in-between 8 and 9 months.

His baby babble is getting more developed, and he sings sometimes which is a million kinds of awesome because it’s kinda like a baby falsetto. 379 more words


Introducing Linus Moran Wedding Photography by Wedding Ideasy

There are so numerous brides and grooms who hate getting their photograph taken! It have to make the task of a wedding photographer significantly challenging – after all, the far more relaxed a subject, the greater they look. 30 more words


Lots of words begin with “cat.” Like, catnap, catwalk, caterwaul, catchy … and catastrophe.

"HOT" Dog

Linus is in his last stages of life and we have run out of options. The vet said on the phone yesterday, “We have him on the MAX pain meds. 158 more words


The Amazing Charlie Brown!


Here’s my drawing of Charlie Brown as Spider-Man. But all is not well; Snoopy has become the Lizard!

Morning coffee: Caturday

Watching the birds is serious business at my house.


Control, woobies, and Linus's blanket

Oh, this is a big topic.  It’s pretty much a requirement that if you write about an ED, you have to address Control.  Everyone under the sun says that EDs are a response to a need for control in one area of our lives.   649 more words