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CordovaStabilizer - Build Chromium 1

I cloned WebKit source code, and looked at the instruction for building. There was build instruction for XCode on Mac OS; however, no instruction for linux. 1,540 more words


Docker - Quick Reference - Commands

Docker is the big deal now… get some commands to make your life more easy.

Follow some commands do you must to know to administering a docker server. 192 more words


Linux - check if a remote port is open

By using nc(Netcat) command we can check if a port in remote machine is opened or closed.

Here is an example to check if remote port is opened or closed: 22 more words


bash - get previous command status

To get previous command status in bash use “$?” variable.

echo $? will return zero if previous command is success & if its non zero it indicates failure. 45 more words


Choose a grub to load between two linux installations


I am assuming that your system has installed two linux in different partition and both have a grub installed in it. In such a system the last installed linux’s grub is used to start the system. 434 more words

Default Grub

Sending syslog messages from a Linux box to SIEM

Let’s imagine that we need to direct log messages from our Linux box to SIEM solution. For centralized management/backup or correlation purposes. How do we do that? 288 more words


WebLogic 12.1.3 Docker image

it will download a minimal CentOS 7 image, Puppet 3.7 and all it dependencies. You can also use use the official Oracle Linux 7.0 docker image Click to Read>>