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리눅스에서 여러 파일의 내용 한번에 수정하기

오픈소스 코드를 작성하고, 라이센스 문구를 집어 넣는 과정에서 파일 하나하나를 열어서 직접 다 수정을 했다.

그런데 하고 보니, url을 잘못 작성해서 한번에 수정할 수 있는지 찾아보던 중 find 와 perl 을 이용해서 변경하는 글을 찾았다. 15 more words


[Linux] Create share drive

//check if nfs-util is installed
# service nfs start

//in the /etc/export add the directories you want to share,
//and the host and permission you will share (ro/rw)

//export the directories
# /usr/sbin/exportfs -a
# /usr/sbin/exportfs


DebEX KDE live with KDE 4.14.2 and kernel 3.18.0-7-exton (3.18)

NEWS 141216
I have made a new version of DebEX KDE Live DVD. It replaces version 140821. It’s a pure Debian 8 system. I.e.: There are no… 123 more words


AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message

When you start or restart your apache server on Linux and it gives you such error message like below, that means you didn’t specified the domain or ip that your server has to respond to. 85 more words

Debian 7 (wheezy)

Compilation Problem with VMWare View Open Client


For those of you who are trying to install vmware-view-open-client on Gentoo system, you might face the following problem as I’ve got:

/usr/lib/libgmodule-2.0.so.0: could not read symbols: Invalid operation… 29 more words


hpacucli takes a long time to respond

If run hpacucli and your server is taking a long time to respond, it is because HP decided to change the hpacucli utility to scan multiple LUNs connected via Fibre or iSCSI storage… 167 more words


[Linux] Access sharefolder from Linux

$ sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt -o user=username

//make sure you have installed cifs-util