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XenServer: Error code: INVALID_SOURCE Unable to Boot from CD/DVD/ISO

Berikut cara memperbaiki error code : INVALID_SOURCE tidak bisa booting di xenserver.

Cek boot vm yang error :

#xe vm-param-list uuid=<vm uuid> | grep HVM-boot… 91 more words



지난 달 직장을 옮기면서 가장 먼저 했던 일은 늘 그렇듯 새 컴퓨터를 주문하는 것이었다. 3년 전 우분투를 접하게 된 이후 만족하며 사용하고 있었지만 이곳저곳 깔려있는 흰색 알루미늄 바디의 맥북프로를 보고 이제 정말 맥으로 옮겨타야 하는 시기인가에 다시 한 번 고민하게 되었다.


Get External IP From Linux Command Line

This works for Linux and Mac command lines. It’s fast and easy to remember. Ready?

curl ifconfig.me

That’s it. It just returns your external IP. If you have curl under Windows it should work there too.


Set password for mysql user

How do I set or update password for user of a database ?


Login to mysql console


SET PASSWORD FOR 'username'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('password');

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How to mount Matlab ISO file on Linux?


In order to install matlab on Linux system, it is necessary to run ‘install’ script. However, this script is within the Matlab ISO file. So, we have to mount it first, and then we can execute ‘install’ script. 25 more words


Mount | Sharing bet Windows & Linux server

Libraries to be installed are samba-client, samba-common, cifs-utils

yum install samba-client samba-common cifs-utils

Create directory for shared drive

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/sharedDrive

Mount the Windows drive on CentOS server…

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Linux Drives / Partitions /Volumes

Linux Drives / Partitions /Volumes

Straight from this SO Issue

  1. A drive is a physical block disk. For example: /dev/sda.
  2. A partition A drive can be divided into some logic block disk.
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