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Ubuntu 14.10 Beta (Utopic Unicorn) Released

The Ubuntu 14.10 Desktop beta is now available for those of you willing to risk it. So if you are willing to try Utopic Unicorn (They should fire the person that keeps coming up with these names) Here is the download page – Utopic Unicorn


Linux Fact

97%  of the fastest computers in the world run on Linux. (Source – Top 500 Supercomputers)


Change Your Login Image in Linux Mint Each Time You Login Automatically

Change your Login Image automatically with this handy little script from Kory Becker.
All it takes is less than a minute to setup and can be done by any skill level by following his easy to use instructions.

Link: Login Image Changer


How to Create and Use Encrypted Directories with ENCFS in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

How to Create and Use Encrypted Directories with ENCFS (Encrypted File System Manager) in Ubuntu and Linux Mint.


You Should Be Watching Youtube Using Minitube In Ubuntu And Linux Mint 17

This video also includes the bug fixes to stop Minitube from crashing when used in Linux Mint 17. Versions are also available for Windows.


How to Install XAMPP for Linux in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

1.Download here .

2.After download change the permission :

cd ~/Downloads
sudo su
sudo chmod 777 -R xampp-linux-x64-1.8.3-4-installer.run

The window installation wizard will appear: 95 more words


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