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Решил немного расширить тематику нашей рассылки. Отныне тут можно пообщаться не только о ядре Linux, но и о обычном системном программировании.

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Linux Kernel

Eh? Wazuppa my kernel?

uname -a : all kernel ver. info.

uname -r : exact kernel ver.

lsb_release -a : for all info related to ver.

lsb_release -r : exact version. 12 more words

Contributing To FOSS

Past two months were awesome. I started contributing to many Open Source Software.  This post is a list of my contributions. 218 more words


100+ Linux Kernel Patches. Useful? I think. Fun? Surely.

Two months back I decided to contribute to Open Source Software, decided as in decided. I always wanted to contribute to OSS, but something or the other kept me holded. 349 more words


‘Swapping Space’ For Linux –But how much is actually needed?

All of us might have seen an option asking for Swap space at the time of Linux installation and we might have also allotted certain memory 2GB, 4GB or so on for that. 892 more words


stackbd: Stacking a block device over another block device

stackbd is a virtual block device that acts as the front-end of another block device, such as a USB memory stick or a loop device. It passes I/O requests to the underlying device, while it prints the requests information for debugging purposes. 1,443 more words

Steps to make a patch for Linux Kernel

  • Make the required changes and save them.
  • Run the option “git status“. This will show the changes that are to be committed into the source.
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