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Ubuntu Linux 14.04 - Still Not Ready for Prime Time

Lord knows I love Linux, compared to M$ Windoze it’s a dream to use. But not to install. Still geeks-only there I’m sad to report, at least for newest and supposedly most user-friendly Linux distro, Ubuntu. 461 more words


Glutton for punishment

Yes, well, I really must be. My Galaxy Tab developed funny battery behaviour, so I took it back to get it checked under warranty. So no tablet – dig out the old Eeepc, didn’t like the OS, decided to install Linux Mint 16 Mate; and while I’m at it, why not install Mint 16 KDE on my perfectly good laptop that has been working dual booting Windows 7 (OEM) with Mint 14 Cinnamon? 179 more words

Selayang Pandang LMDE Mate Edition

Dari dua hari yang lalu saya coba install LMDE (Linux Mint Debian) MATE edition, beberapa hal yang saya garis bawahi dan menjadi catatan buat saya pribadi dalam menggunakan Linux ini.


Linux Mint - a Windows Alternative

With the death of Windows XP, computer users are going to need to look at other options whether moving to Windows 7 (increasingly difficult to find), Windows 8, or Apple Mac OS X. 1,508 more words


Xubuntu 13.10, Compiz, and Emerald

Ah, Compiz. The graphical darling of the Linux world that instantly grabs people’s attention and makes them ask, “Cool! How can I make my computer do that?” 2,113 more words


Linux Mint Desktop Wallpaper

Have been playing around with GIMP and assembled this from other images:

Click for full size and right-click to download.


HeartBleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL. Approximately 56%  of all websites use OpenSSL to secure their connections. Popular sites such as instagram and Yahoo have admitted they were effected. 96 more words