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Linux Tip - Do You Want To Know What Processes You Are Running?

Simply open up the terminal and type: pstree
You should get a tree view of the processes that you are currently running.


Get the PING you Deserve - Linux Tip

First type in the terminal:
Sudo apt-get install mtr

now type:

mtr google.com 

(Google is just an example, use whatever site you want)

You should now be up and running…


Ubuntu… and What Else?

I told you a lot about Ubuntu and its derivatives lately, but obviously is not the only Linux-based OS out there. While Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions are still preferred by most users, there are many others, especially designed to cover a wide variety of needs. 583 more words


Linux Tip - Ever forget to type SUDO?

Ever forget to use the SUDO command and end up with permission denied? Next time that happens simply type: SUDO !! (Yes put in the exclamation points) 32 more words