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Changing date and timezone in Linux

I am on CentOS 6.5

You can use the date command to see the current time and timezone

$ date
Thu Sep 18 13:54:34 MDT 2014… 107 more words

Linux - running scripts on boot

In Linux, you can configure some scripts and daemons to start running at system boot.

If you have a custom script, make sure that it is executable and the permissions are set correctly. 157 more words


How to configure FreeDNS service with Inadyn client

  1. Install Inadyn client on the Linux machine running SSH server.
    • sudo apt-get install inadyn
  2. Log into your FreeDNS account and obtain the alphanumeric string (everything after ?) from the Direct URL.
  3. 141 more words

Tomcat Server Load-Balancing Using Multiple Tomcat Server Instances in Ubuntu

Hello, in here I’m going to describe how to configure load balancing among multiple Apache tomcat servers, before write this article I searched on web and found many solutions but nothing worked correctly, getting some errors. 417 more words


Periodically synchronize time in Linux

We will use the ntp and ntpdate packages to achieve this.
These packages should already be installed on most linux systems. If not you can install them by using the below… 197 more words