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Devil's Breath or Scopolamine - An Intriguing Drugumentary

Check out the link to Vice.com at the bottom.

VICE sent a guy to Columbia to investigate the effects of a drug known to locals as ‘Devil’s Breath’ which reportedly can render a person entirely suggestible, essentially they will do anything they are asked to do. 64 more words


George Carlin Died Today 6 Years Ago

WHAT A SHAME he isn’t still around. I wish he was here to pass comments on, and ridicule everything the US and UK have done in other countries since 2001. 80 more words


Sugar, Diet and RDA

SINCE WHEN DID 120g of sugar become recommended? For women it is 90g. Surely any dietary body should be recommending as little as possible never mind setting a daily threshold as high as 120g. 354 more words


A good person is good, a church goer is better (apparently!)

OVER THE WEEKEND I worked to support a client with autism on respite, giving his parents a much needed break. The cost of a mere two days away from home for myself and another support worker to assist the client was well over £600. 371 more words


22 Jump Street - the Terminator 2 of comedies

I WENT TO watch this with my girlfriend on Wednesday. The first film was solid, amusing enough but not outstanding. 22 Jump Street manages to completely nail the funny in this self-mocking sequel. 187 more words



A totalitarian octogenarian,

Driven mad by the sun, now he sits, holding a gun in his solarium

Windows now broken, from shooting flies

Looking out at Peruvian skies, all because… 204 more words


A Million Ways to Die In the West - Reviewed

This film was like trying to give CPR to a week-old swollen corpse found floating in a river. The technique was right but all vital signs were absent. 256 more words