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APPocalypse Now

WHERE ARE WE? Where am I?

Next thing you know,  you have your phone in your hand and you are tapping away at your Google Maps app. 637 more words


The Running Man - Stephen King (Richard Bachman)

THIS IS NOT exactly a brand spanking new book review. The Running Man was published in 1982, two years before I was even born. What is fascinating is that despite its age the book still reads very fresh and is the best book I’ve read from King (albeit I’ve only read Joyland as well). 299 more words


Discovering new writers - George Saunders

I LOVE FINDING a book that I’ve never read before by an author I’ve never heard of before then reading said book and finding that I love the authors writing style and entire way of thinking. 210 more words


Cell Music

WHITE LIGHT RAINED down from somewhere up above, the ceiling from where it came too high to reach. The air was thick like breathing in tropical heat but lacking the warmth or moisture. 1,817 more words


Short Story Submission #2

WELL I SAID I would be concentrating on sending more stuff off to get published at the beginning of the year. Perhaps my concentration has been wavering…as this is the first thing I’ve sent this year, my second ever submission. 174 more words


Extra Ordinary.

FEW WRITE ABOUT the extra ordinary. Murders, death in all its forms; love, in all its guises; tragedy and triumph, in all its parts – all of these and more are written about, photographed, whispered and shared. 1,829 more words


Using Things Properly

THIS IS A  prime example of using something properly and not bending to the will of convention.

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