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Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 5-27-13 Hour 2

Presentation: Statin drugs; oral health; Testimonial from Linda re: increased level of wellness ; doctor’s bias when patients are older; cholesterol and high blood pressure; good fats – coconut oil and grass fed ghee; lipids and the lymphatic system; testimonial about relaxed muscle pull in less than 30 minutes with topical application of RnA Drops ; drug protocols and assembly line medicine; ReLyte now available… 153 more words


Raised Cholesterol

Raised Lipids (Cholesterol)

Cholesterol blood tests are done to help assess your risk of developing heart disease or stroke. If your risk is high then you will usually be advised to take a statin medicine to lower your cholesterol level. 86 more words

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Lipids - their role in moving carbon through the ocean

This multimedia resource from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution shows the role lipids play in moving carbon through the ocean.


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Statins help protect against blood clots?

Statins are prescribed by medical professionals to lower lipid levels. This study shows that they can actually help prevent thrombi or blood clots in the body. 8 more words



Lipids are one of the three major macronutrients, beside carbohydrates and proteins, contain 9 calories per gram and should represent 30-35% from our daily intake. 409 more words

My Book is now on Amazon

I finally got the format problems solved for my book, The Oil-Change Diet, and it has passed the format check at Smashwords.com.  The price is $4.99. 129 more words

Alzheimer's disease predicted by a simple blood analysis

source: this website (to which all rights belong)

For the first time in decades of research aimed at cracking Alzheimer’s disease, a team led by… 484 more words