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Rablon.com Supply Shine Hair Mask

Shine hair mask is exceptional hair protector stuff included under rablon.com remedies collections. It has the ability to nourish hair due to authentic therapeutic ingredients present for its creation. 165 more words

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Good Fats Are Good For Your Brain

Just like people, there are good and bad fats.

Fats you want to eat:

  • polyunsaturated fats = omega-3 (found in fish)
  • monounsaturated = vegetable oils (olive, canola), avocado, nuts, soy, tofu to name a few…
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Fat moves fast

I am an avid collector of information that can change behaviours. Rummaging through my clippings (being old fashioned I like to have clippings) I came across a piece by Jonathan Leake in the Sunday Times from May 2012 reporting on research led by Fredrik Karpe and Keith Frayn at Oxford University. 306 more words

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Lecture: Not all Fats are Equal

http://webstat.latrobe.edu.au/www/marketing/assets/podcasts/latrobeasia/140813-pingsheng-liu.mp3Download lecture: Not all Fats are Equal

Diabetes is fast becoming an epidemic. Its spread is threatening the physical wellbeing of millions the world over and challenging health systems in rich and poor countries alike. 92 more words


Questioning Medicine: Sham Lipid Management

Excellent article on the stupidity (promoted, of course, by wellness people) of a) fasting before blood lipid panels and, b) doing blood lipid panels in low-risk people, which means a majority of people. 26 more words

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Carbohydrates and Lipids..Let's Eat!

Hey there our lovely, creative beings of light!

Health discussions is one of my favorite aspects about Salubrious Expressions, I truly enjoy sharing science with you all. 369 more words


Drinking Coffee And Tea May Keep Your Liver Healthy

If this blog entry caught my interest, perhaps you should look at it.

Do you drink coffee or tea every morning? Not only will you regain your liveliness, but either one of them will also benefits your liver. 31 more words