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The Iscreamst, Teachers village

This is my fourth time back here and I was hoping that it would somewhat be a little different. The main problem of this place has always been the seating. 412 more words

The Hungry Ballerina

cryogenic fracking wins ...

This ought to put a dent into the anti-frakkers’ wailings, they wont have a plot left to argue about. I’m sure that liquid nitrogen will now be demonized, just like the false CO2 rhetoric. 95 more words



The most fascinating thing about life is when two completely different things merge together to give birth to a beautiful art piece . Yes I know that was a very complex statement , so let me break it down for you . 315 more words


Rest in Peace

I was kinda worried before because Ron’s Laboratory resurrected missing menus on their usual schedule for new menus. But there comes new menu, limited one actually because it was for Halloween! 217 more words


Deconstructing Twinkies & Sonicating Gummi Bears

The Twinkies ingredients list is analyzed to figure out how these snacks have such a long shelf life (45 days!), while in lab, gummi bears are subjected to sonication, liquid nitrogen, and trypsin. 20 more words

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