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World Christmas Bazaar: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Ever wanted to make ice cream from scratch but don’t have the patience for it to freeze? Well I have some good news folks, this new kiosk makes ice cream right in front of you using liquid nitrogen. 146 more words


Best Way To Understand Skin Diseases & Treatment - An Introduction

Skin is the largest organ of the body and so its compounded with many problems called skin diseases.

This ranges from common rashes, eczema, pimples, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, hives,warts,cellulitis, hypohidrosis, impetigo, diaper rash, herpes, fungal nail infection, molluscum contagiosum, razor bumps, keloid, shingles, bumps at the back of the neck and mouth ulcer. 205 more words


12/4/14: Daily Post

Yesterday was a huge blur. I don’t think I have been eating enough protein, as I had a really hard time staying awake. I slept an additional six hours throughout the day, for no apparent reason. 66 more words

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The 'Smoked' Ice Cream🍦

And there we were…eating our gelato as a reward for braving the Friday night rush/payday/EDSA-is-so-not-moving-what-the-hell road. After having our dinner at Gumbo (with separate post), we ate a very unusually made ice cream from Kool Kids. 103 more words


The Iscreamst, Teachers village

This is my fourth time back here and I was hoping that it would somewhat be a little different. The main problem of this place has always been the seating. 412 more words

The Hungry Ballerina

cryogenic fracking wins ...

This ought to put a dent into the anti-frakkers’ wailings, they wont have a plot left to argue about. I’m sure that liquid nitrogen will now be demonized, just like the false CO2 rhetoric. 95 more words