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Liquid nitrogen

Roughly the same cost (weight for weight) as a pint of milk, it’s a common feature in science fiction films: the nitrogen dewar in the background that might at some point be used to freeze that alien chasing you down the corridor… 159 more words


Apple Pie Gelato

Now, who likes apple pie here? Oh I know YOU love it! Why don’t you try another version of apple pie in…..gelato? No you didn’t hear it wrong, it is APPLE PIE GELATO! 256 more words


Rujak Sorbet

The title might sound silly but that’s the truth. Indonesian very own Rujak has its own sorbet. Welcoming Ron’s Laboratory Rujak Sorbet!

I never thought I would taste something like this. 282 more words


A Breath of Cold Air



Wait, I am NOT smoking. I heard a lot of times about The Iscreamist that makes sweets by using the liquid nitrogen! I got quickly so curious! 207 more words

The Iscreamist: Be a Dragon for a day!

If you are looking for a different kind of dining or rather dessert experience, The Iscreamist is the place to be. I have always wanted to go this place because I have heard a lot of good things about it. 289 more words


It's Ice, But Not As You Know It

Somerset House in the summer is delightful, you can sit on the terrace with an aperitif and enjoy spectacular views of the London Eye, Southbank and Big Ben. 170 more words