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IMISSU (so) Say Cheese!

You know ice cake right? The one you want to have as your birthday cake, which is a cake with ice cream, a killer combo. But sometimes you want to have a cake and ice cream in one cup. 543 more words


liquid nitrogen is the answer (it has to be)

so, guess what happened exactly 7 days ago this morning? I spilled milk on my laptop. what a creative way to ruin my day, don’t you agree? 1,260 more words

The Grey Tail

The ALS Ice bucket challenge - but with liquid nitrogen


Why was the Canadian chemist who poured liquid nitrogen over himself for his version of the ALS ice bucket challenge not catastrophically injured?  Well, the answer lies in the Leidenfrost effect. 339 more words


Ice Cream Chemistry At Its Best

The Times nominated it as the best ice cream parlour in England. The Observer named it as the future of ice cream. I had a cup of their decadent goodness a few years ago when they just opened up and keep on coming back for their sinfully delicious scoops whenever I have an excuse to visit Camden Town in London. 382 more words


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Bucket Challenge

For a full disclaimer and safety notice please see the original post.

I now do lots of science blogging over at Tycho’s Nose, an excellent blog put together by Gilead, Keir and myself. 88 more words


Just a Whim Away

I went to see the Lion King at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney on Sunday night!

My favourite part was definitely the first song, and my favourite things in that song were definitely the main singer (Buyi Zama), who had an amazing voice, and people dressed as animals, especially the giraffes. 308 more words

Live Performance

What's that Floating in my Guinness?......

Why it’s a widget of course!

A widget is a device placed in a container of beer to manage the characteristics of the beer’s head… 473 more words

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