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Lulu's Ice Cream

If you’ve been to Bethesda Central Farm Market in the past two weeks,  you’ve seen the same thing I have; people crowding around a new vendor, waiting in line for a taste of Lulu’s Ice Cream. 500 more words

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

My Aunt and Uncle are the King and Queen of making liquid nitrogen ice cream, seriously. They have the process down!  And since my uncle has a chemical engineering background, he explains each step of the process as he goes- feels like you’re on an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy a bit (it’s pretty cool)!   335 more words


Hand Vs Liquid Nitrogen

Between the temperatures of -210oC and -195.8oC (which is pretty darn cold) nitrogen is in a liquid state. In this state it causes very rapid freezing of living tissue, so it’s quite strongly advised that you don’t stick your hand in it, unless you want some pretty serious frostbite (and I mean hands falling off serious). 288 more words



Yes, the latest addition to Ron’s Laboratory menu is JACKPOT!

JACKPOT is a sweet potato gelato with crunchy jackfruit chips as topping. Before they released this menu, I was told that they hadn’t released this precious jewel yet at that time because they hadn’t mastered this ingredient with liquid nitrogen. 194 more words


The Sweetest Date Ever

No, I’m not talking about my love life. I am talking about the latest menu on Ron’s Laboratory. Sorry people, I know some of you are curious of my love life but for now it’s gelato ;) 201 more words


Water and Fire

I have really enjoyed this series we are in.  If you haven’t been following you might want to check out at least the first post… 1,538 more words


Incredibly (and literally) cool: liquid nitrogen in a vacuum

Most of us are familiar with liquid nitrogen; either we’ve seen it at the doctor’s office when we’ve needed a pesky wart removed, or we’ve seen a cryogenics demonstration at a museum or at school or on YouTube where they do such fun things as dip a carnation into it to show how it freezes and becomes amazingly brittle. 58 more words

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