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Here's a piece I produced on Regina strip clubs...

Yesterday, Regina City Council denied the application of having a strip club open up in the city. Opposition against the business argued that stripping would lead to prostitution (which personally, I don’t think has much of a correlation). 66 more words

New Oklahoma liquor law proposal

Oklahoma consumers might one day be able to buy six-point beer… cold.

Senator Stephanie Bice has proposed a bill to allow liquor store to refrigerate six-point beer. 52 more words


Government makes another liquor announcement - this time on licensing

WATCH: Victoria promises to make it easier for you to get a temporary liquor license for things like weddings and banquets. Keith Baldrey explains how they plan to do it, and why the opposition isn’t impressed. 305 more words


Sunday Sales Bills Filed In Indiana Legislature

Two bills, one in the Indiana House and one in the Indiana Senate, have been filed in the Indiana General Assembly to permit Sunday sales of alcohol. 137 more words


Santa Fe is dying and NEEDS the RIGHT shot in its economic arm...

Ok, so, I don’t know why I read the Santa Fe New Mexican. The reality for me is that it’s probably better that I don’t know what’s going on within my once beloved home town. 411 more words

Alcohol Dependence

Pointed reviews, pointless policies and the decolonization of Bordeaux

The Final Blend: A look back at 2014
By Anthony Gismondi

It’s been another crazy year in wine, especially in Canada where government involvement in the liquor business, as they like to refer to it, is at an all-time high. 1,344 more words


New Coalition Formed To Seek Repeal of Indiana's Ban On Sunday Liquor Sales

As the next session of the Indiana General Assembly prepares to begin in earnest in January, a new coalition of the consumers and retail businesses has formed to lead the charge to repeal Indiana’s long-standing ban on Sunday liquor sales. 348 more words