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Bad weekend.

Spent most of today out of sorts and/or in a fetal position with the occasional distraction for small things.

What I managed to get done today? 136 more words

Back To Real Life

5 Fun Things to Do in Dublin

Traveling to a new place is a fun and exciting experience. But with many attractions and limited travel time, it can be hard to decide what to do with your time. 296 more words


Top 10 Classic European Cities to Visit

From history and religion to fashion and art, Europe holds some of the most classic cities in the world. Can you tackle our top 10?


Instiz: Rank of dramas with the worst endings

1. High Kick Through the Roof (1649 votes / 27.1%)
2. Lovers in Paris (1493 votes / 24.5%)
3. 49 Days (415 votes / 6.8%) 98 more words


MID-JULY 2014 Playlist

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert of any sort. I am just stating my personal thoughts and opinion. Apologies for the grammar and spelling errors. Photos and Videos are all credited to the respective owners. 1,020 more words


Five Forgotten Gems of (Fairly) Famous People

I’ve always been slightly perplexed by the mentality of hipsterism (hipsterness? Hipsterality?). Having had an investment in works of fiction with larger and smaller followings both, let me tell you that the charm of being one of only six people to have heard of something gets old fast: you run out of potential discussions faster with the smaller conversation pool, there’s a dearth of fanworks available, and forget about seeing anything live (if applicable) outside of where The Thing is. 1,942 more words


Pick Up Lines for Camp

Okay, so the title might be slightly misleading, but instead of pick up lines, we are looking at things we can pick up from summer camps. 499 more words