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5 Must-See Attractions of France

As one of the world’s cultural hubs, France has many attractions. This is especially true in, and around, Paris! But how can you decide which attractions to visit when you’re pressed for time? 287 more words


6 Things Worse Than Breaking Bad Toys You Can Buy At Toys R Us

You may have heard about the Florida mother, Susan Schrivjer of Fort Myers, who completely flipped her shit when she found out that Toys ‘R Us sold… 722 more words


60 Rules About Life

This list was first published on Thought Catalog and I picked those that I think are important and relevant to my life. To all the girls out there. 884 more words

List Of Everything Under The Sun

Why Everyone Should Play The Guitar

Basically, I’ve been playing my guitar all day and would be playing right now, but my fingers hurt, so instead I’m going write about it. I wish I didn’t have to start this list of all the great things about playing the guitar with its greatest fault…oh well, everything has its downsides. 461 more words


Halloween 2014 Movie Line-Up Part II

There are just too many movie left to be discovered! If you haven’t seen the first part of this list, click here. I still haven’t watched Invitation Only and The Orphanage but I’ll get around soon enough. 683 more words


Vrai's Favorite Things: Anime (15 to 11)

Numbers 20 to 16

In honor of the one year anniversary, this month’ll be blocked out for a conversation on Awesome Stuff. This time around, I’ve divided out my top 20 favorite anime. 2,555 more words


9 Types of Guys I Met On Online Dating Site

Since my separation from my ex husband, I have been trying out online dating, partly out of curiosity, partly to give me an excuse to get out of the house. 1,949 more words