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50 Facts About Me

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently, well, just doing a lot in general if I’m honest. I’ve been reading blogs and watching vlogs in my spare time and I’ve realised I haven’t been too kind to my own. 2,007 more words


Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus-- Watch Her 22 Best Performances

Today, November 23, is Miley Cyrus’ 22nd birthday.  In her honor, I have compiled the list of her 22 best performances EVER!

Miley has come a long way from her child star days and we want to celebrate all that the past present and future have to offer Miley. 165 more words

Happy Birthday


Working as a movie scheduler for a Movie TV Channel makes me deal with a lot of (you won’t believe it) Movies.. Today I was putting together a Valentine’s Day Scheme and the whole process made me think about Romantic Movies. 1,446 more words


25 Years 25 Things

Today is my 25th birthday. That’s a quarter of a century to pick up a little wisdom, some amazing, some bizarre, and some possibly applicable only to me. 443 more words


4 Amazing Tours in Italy

Full of history, romance, and attractions, Italy is a “must” on many travel lists. What do you do once you get there? With so many places to see and visit, it can be hard to make the most of your time. 286 more words


11 Surefire Ways To Become April Ludgate

Ah, April, possibly the scariest thing you could find in all of Pawnee, Indiana. And my spirit animal.

1. Be proficient in office weaponry. Make sure you are capable of threatening anyone with anything that is in reach. 175 more words


Awesome History Podcast List

Every mourning, I take a 30 minute walk and listen to several history podcasts. History is a huge subject and one of the best way to learn it is to listen to it. 232 more words