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How Do You Decide What To Read?

This is a perennial topic and with the internet now, it’s so much easier to keep informed about new books, to see what other people are reading; to share your experiences and tastes, and to expand your the world of reading. 445 more words


September Is In the Air

Ah, September.Traditionally this was the start of the school year but now with the effects of climate change and parents who need the schools for extended babysitting, I see classes starting earlier and earlier (and going later and later).September is also the month that summer changes into fall. 320 more words


SEPTEMBER 2014 Playlist

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert of any sort. I am just stating my personal thoughts and opinion. Apologies for the grammar and spelling errors. Photos and Videos are all credited to the respective owners. 888 more words


Style Tips for (Almost) Each World Continent

When traveling to other countries, it can be hard to know what is fashionable (even with your stylish travel clothes). The last thing that any visitor wants to do is to attract unwanted attention or offend other people. 615 more words


Five Forgotten Gems: Animated Film Edition

Long before videogames took on the mantle as ‘most frequently dismissed potential art form,’ the field of animation had been scraping for even the smallest bits of esteem from the cultural majority. 1,963 more words


50 Interesting Facts about the 50 United States

With so many states in the United States, it can be hard to know the differences between them. This is especially true with the lesser-known states. 756 more words


Read This Book!

Ten Books that Have Been Recommended to Me and How That Turned Out (or, I Am a Grump)

(based on the prompt from The Broke and the Bookish… 1,468 more words