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Vrai's Favorite Things: Anime (15 to 11)

Numbers 20 to 16

In honor of the one year anniversary, this month’ll be blocked out for a conversation on Awesome Stuff. This time around, I’ve divided out my top 20 favorite anime. 2,555 more words


9 Types of Guys I Met On Online Dating Site

Since my separation from my ex husband, I have been trying out online dating, partly out of curiosity, partly to give me an excuse to get out of the house. 1,949 more words


Listaverk á Langjökli

Virkilega flott og persónulegt verk eftir listakonuna Kitty Von-Sometime, mæli með áhorfi.
Fleiri upplýsingar um verkið hér og hér.


20 Valuable Lessons on Living

I love to read; I spend way more money on books than on clothes, way more time reading online articles than putting makeup on my face. 1,059 more words


MID-OCTOBER 2014 Playlist

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert of any sort. I am just stating my personal thoughts and opinion. Apologies for the grammar and spelling errors. Photos and Videos are all credited to the respective owners. 723 more words


4 Tips for Better Packing

If you asked someone what the worst part is about traveling, many would probably say that they hate packing. While traveling is great, it requires preparation that isn’t always fun. 305 more words


25 x 25 (The Bucket List)

This is my bucket list of 25 things to do before I turn 25. I wrote this in the months leading up to my birthday (this past July), but only just managed to finalize the list. 232 more words